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Monday, November 29, 2021

Coronavirus in Austria. Lockdown throughout the country. Compulsory vaccinations against COVID-19

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The Austrian authorities decided to introduce a lockdown throughout the country from Monday. From February, the obligatory vaccination against COVID-19 will also be introduced. This has to do with the worsening pandemic situation. Previously, there was a lockdown for unvaccinated and non-convicted persons throughout Austria.

The new regulations were announced during the Friday conference by the Austrian Chancellor Alexander Schallenberg. As he said, the lockdown will take effect on Monday. It is initially introduced for 10 days, but may be extended for a maximum of 20 days.


Schallenberg also announced that vaccination against COVID-19 will be mandatory from February 1.

Pandemic situation in Austria

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On the night of Monday in Austria, a nationwide lockdown for people not vaccinated against COVID-19 or who are not convicted came into force. The ban on leaving flats and houses applied to all unvaccinated people over 12 years of age. The government also renewed its call for an increase in the number of vaccinations. “The number of new infections is higher than ever,” emphasized Chancellor Schallenberg.

Thomas Stelzer, the national governor of Upper Austria, announced on Thursday a multi-week lockdown for Upper Austria and Salzburg from next week, if there is no earlier nationwide tightening of legislation to fight the pandemic. Salzburg authorities said in a press release that the blockade “should affect the entire population and affect all areas.”

Lockdown in AustriaSpitzi-Foto / Shutterstock

Salzburg has been giving the alarm for several days about the difficult situation in its hospitals and clinics. On Tuesday, the head of hospitals in the region, Paul Sungler, submitted a report to the federal authorities about the overloading of facilities for support. He emphasized that he also counts on the support of other federal states or from abroad in a crisis situation, because places for intensive care patients are ending quickly – describes the Kurier portal.

The dramatic situation also prevails in hospitals in the Tyrol bordering Salzburg. – We are one step ahead of the start of the triage – warns Barbara Friesenecker, a doctor from the local intensive care unit. – We are no longer able to treat patients as it should be. We will have to decide which patient has the best chance of survival, he added.

Main photo source: Spitzi-Foto / Shutterstock

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