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Coronavirus in China. A wave of infections with the Delta variant. The authorities are tightening the rules

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China is struggling with the largest wave of infections to date with the Delta variant. Authorities in some cities and provinces are stepping up preventive measures to contain the spread of the coronavirus. Infections with this variant have already been detected in eight regions.

China’s state health commission on Monday reported 55 new local infections detected in eight regions of the country. The Commission reported a total of 98 new symptomatic infections detected in the previous 24 hours, of which 43 were identified as foreign infections.


The largest wave of infections with the Delta variant

China is currently facing the largest wave of infections to date with the Delta variant, which is spreading from Nanjing, where an infection cluster was detected at the airport on July 20. According to the city authorities, workers cleaning the cabin of a plane that came from Russia were the first to get infected. A total of around 300 infections have been associated with the Nanking outbreak so far.

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40 out of 55 new local infections were detected in Jiangsu Province, the capital of which is Nanjing. New infections have also been reported in seven other regions, including Beijing, Hubeiu, Yunnan and Hainan Island in the South China Sea, according to Monday’s health committee report.

ChinaKeitma / Shutterstock

Cities and provinces impose restrictions

The city of Suzhou, Jiangsu, has ordered the closure of Mahjong arcades because several people have contracted an infection in such a place elsewhere. In Beijing, some schools ask students to return from their summer vacation at least 14 days before the start of the school year on August 15.

In Zhengzhou, which has recently suffered tragic floods, authorities are demanding a negative coronavirus test from everyone leaving the city. In Guangzhou, the local health commission is calling for people not to leave the province unnecessarily, and people who have recently been in risk areas must report for tests.

Research: Chinese vaccine stops working after six months

In late July, the Associated Press reported that, according to a study by Chinese scientists, antibodies to COVID-19 after the Sinovac vaccine produced and used in the country disappear in most people after six months.

After examining 540 people aged 18 to 59 years, the researchers found that six months after vaccination with the second dose of this preparation, only less than 17 percent of those vaccinated maintained the required level of antibodies when they were vaccinated for the second time after two weeks. In the group with a four-week interval between the first and second immunizations, the percentage was 35.2%.

Antibodies from the Chinese Sinovac vaccine to COVID-19 disappear after six monthsAARON UFUMELI / PAP / EPA

According to the researchers, the “booster” dose boosts immunity again.

Pandemic situation in China

Currently, 1,091 people have COVID-19 in mainland China, 24 of which have been classified as severe.

A total of 93,103 symptomatic infections have been recorded in the country since the start of the pandemic, and the official record of deaths from COVID-19 is 4,636. The PRC authorities do not include asymptomatic infections among confirmed cases of the disease and do not provide the total number.

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