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Coronavirus in China. New infection center in Fujian

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A new series of coronavirus infections has emerged in the Chinese province of Fujian, linked to one of the primary schools in the city of Putian. The BBC notes that the new outbreak emerged just two weeks after controlling the wave of infection with the Delta virus variant in Nanjing Province.

The focus of the infection is an elementary school in Putian, Fujian province, where coronavirus has been detected in children. Then it was established that they most likely contracted one of them from the father, despite the fact that he was in a 21-day quarantine after returning from Singapore on August 4, and all the tests he passed were negative, the BBC reports, citing the Global Times.


It is unclear whether the pupil’s father was indeed infected abroad as such a long incubation period is very unusual.

In Fujian, a partial lockdown has been introduced, cinemas, museums and libraries have closed, but restaurants and similar venues remain open, only ordered to shorten the working day. In Quanzhou, however, all flights were grounded, bus connections were suspended, restaurants were closed, and travel outside the city was banned unless necessary. Anyone leaving Putian must be tested negative for COVID-19 in the past 48 hours.

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Testing for COVID-19 in Fujian ProvincePAP / EPA / STRINGER

CNN points out that China’s travel restrictions and compulsory quarantines are among the most stringent epidemic laws in the world.

Another infection center after the Nanjing Province

The BBC notes that the new infection center in Fujian was discovered just two weeks after the wave of infection with the Delta virus variant in Nanjing was brought under control.

A new series of coronavirus infections in China’s Fujian ProvincePAP / EPA / STRINGER

The wave of the pandemic that engulfed Nanjing was the greatest in many months. Authorities then said the source of the infection was a plane from Russia, but CNN points out that Beijing is linking any new outbreaks of infection with people returning from abroad.

Zero Tolerance Strategy for Coronavirus

The Chinese authorities have adopted a “zero tolerance” policy for the coronavirus and are responding vigorously to sporadic local outbreaks of infection to prevent a large-scale recurrence of the pandemic. However, while this strategy has seemed to work for some time, experts cite CNN say that it is taking longer and longer to contain new waves of infection due to the more infectious Delta variant.

Fighting the COVID-19 pandemic in BeijingPAP / EPA / ROMAN PILIPEY

No matter how strict the restrictions are imposed by the Chinese authorities, it will not be possible to stop infections that someone can always bring from another region – says the Foreign Relations Council (CFR) expert Yanzhong Huang, who specializes in global issues related to public health.

As the BBC points out, new infection centers are emerging shortly before the holiday known as Golden Week, during which millions of people travel around the country.

Main photo source: PAP / EPA / STRINGER

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