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Coronavirus in Great Britain. Most new infections since July. Situation in European countries

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In the UK, 45,140 coronavirus infections were detected in the last 24 hours. This is the largest daily balance sheet in nearly three months. On Sunday, the death of 57 patients suffering from COVID-19 was also announced. In some European countries, the fourth wave of the pandemic is weaker than the previous ones. However, the situation in this respect is bad, inter alia, in Romania, Russia and Lithuania. Over 2.5 thousand new infections were recorded in Poland on the last day.

This is the third time in the ending week that the balance of new infections in Great Britain is the highest since July 20. The Sunday statistics are as much as 11.5 thousand higher than the one from last week. The combined balance for the past seven days – 300,000 new infections – is more than 15 percent higher than it was in the previous seven days.

Also, the number of new deaths from COVID-19 is significantly higher – 19 – than last Sunday, and the total number for the last seven days – 852 – is 8.5 percent higher than it was in the previous seven.

Ambulances in LondonReuters

Coronavirus in Great Britain. Infections and vaccinations

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Since the start of the pandemic, the UK has seen nearly 8.45 million infections, killing 138,584 people. It ranks fourth in the world in terms of the number of infections and eighth in the death statistics.

To date, 49.4 million Britons have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, and both have been given 45.36 million. This accounts for 85.9 percent and 78.9 percent of the population over 12 years of age, respectively.


Over 2.5 thousand new infections in Poland

In many European countries, the fourth wave of the pandemic is weaker than the previous ones. However, the situation in terms of infections and deaths is very bad in Romania, Russia and Lithuania, among others. In the UK, where the fourth wave has lasted three months, the rates are at their highest since January.

Polish on Sunday The Ministry of Health informed o 2,523 new cases of coronavirus infection. One person who was diagnosed with COVID-19 died.

If you consider the entire European continent, the fourth wave – weaker than the previous ones – has been running since July. The greatest number of infections is recorded daily in Great Britain (recently 45,000), Russia (34,000), Romania (15,000), Ukraine (14,000) and Germany (8,000).

Several countries in the east of the continent have the highest number of infections in the history of the COVID-19 epidemic. These are: Latvia, Russia, Belarus and Romania. In turn, in Lithuania, Ukraine, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria and Greece, the rates are at least 70%. as high as the peak post-pandemic period in 2020.

Coronavirus infections. The situation in Europe

Romania, one of the lowest-vaccination countries in Europe, is experiencing a sharp rise in COVID-19-related deaths. According to media reports and posts on social networks, in several hospitals in Bucharest and the city of Iasi, lines of ambulances with patients waiting for empty beds in front of the hospitals. For the first time since the start of the epidemic, Romanian authorities are considering relocating several hundred patients abroad (for example to Hungary) for treatment due to what President Klaus Iohannis described as a “health catastrophe”.

On Lithuania, which recently came first in the EU in terms of the incidence of COVID-19 per 100,000 residents, the authorities decided to reintroduce the obligation to wear masks indoors and called on state and private institutions to switch to the remote work system.

Also in BulgariaWith more than half of the country lacking beds in covid wards, authorities announced on Wednesday new epidemic restrictions amid rising coronavirus infections and deaths from Covid-19. Despite calls and attempts to encourage the population to vaccinate, about 20 percent of them have been vaccinated against Covid-19. inhabitants and it is the lowest rate among the European Union countries.

On Ukrainewhere the vaccination coverage is comparable to that of Bulgaria, the fourth wave is as serious as the previous two, especially in terms of the number of new infections (even more than 15,000 a day). For this reason, the Ministry of Health has approved a list of professions for which vaccination against Covid-19 will be mandatory. Administrative and educational workers who do not accept the vaccine are to be removed from their duties, without the right to remuneration.

In terms of the number of infections in the last seven days great Britain it ranks second in the world and ranks eighth in death statistics, according to Reuters data. So far, 78.7% have been fully vaccinated against COVID-19. inhabitants of the country.

IN Germany the fourth wave lasts continuously from the end of August with about 8-10 thousand infections a day and is weaker than the second or third wave when there were 2-3 times more infections. As in many other countries in the west of the continent, the number of deaths remains at a low level (several dozen a day). However, there is an increasing number of cases of coronavirus infection in children and adolescents. In eight counties, the incidence last week in the 10-19 age group was over 500 per 100,000 inhabitants, while the overall average for Germany is 68.7.

According to the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the number of infections will increase in the next two weeks in Bulgaria, Croatia, Czechia, Denmark, Estoniaon Hungary, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Slovakia.

Main photo source: Reuters

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