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Coronavirus in Great Britain. Statistics: Deaths are very rare among those vaccinated against COVID-19

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People who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 die from the disease much less often than those who are unvaccinated, according to data provided by the UK government’s Bureau of National Statistics. Of the more than 51,000 covid-related deaths in England from January to July this year, only 256 were those with at least 14 days after taking the second dose.

According to the government’s National Statistics Office (ONS), over 51,000 people died from COVID-19 in England from January to July 2021, including only 256 patients who had been vaccinated for at least 14 days with two doses of anti-SARS-CoV- 2. ‘These data show the high protection against this infection achieved by vaccination,’ the ONS says on its website. This means that vaccinated people accounted for 0.5 percent of deaths from SARS-CoV-2 infection.

Vaccinations against COVID-19 – admits the ONS – do not protect one hundred percent from death from this disease. The worst-case scenario mainly affects people over 80 or with weakened immunity, in whom the vaccine did not work or the immune response was too weak.


“It’s sad to see deaths occurring in fully vaccinated people,” commented Julie Stanborough of the ONS in an interview with BBC News. However, she added that such situations are exceptions. – Our data shows that the risk of dying from COVID-19 is much lower among vaccinated people compared to those who did not – she noted.

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ONS details

According to the ONS, between January 2 and July 2 this year, 51,281 deaths due to COVID-19 were registered in England, of which only 640 people – or 1.25 percent. – have been fully vaccinated. Of these 640 people, 256 died 14 days after taking the second dose, which is when they should be fully immune. The others who died despite taking both doses were infected before receiving the vaccines, infected between the first and second doses, or died less than 14 days after the second dose.

According to the ONS, 76.6 percent. those who died, despite being fully vaccinated, were particularly prone to severe COVID-19 due to other conditions that increase their risk. This is a slightly higher percentage than in other COVID-19 deaths (74.5%). The median age (middle value) of the deceased is also slightly higher – in the case of fully vaccinated people it was 84 years, and among all those who died from Covid-19 – 82 years.

Nearly 90 percent of those vaccinated with at least one dose

In the UK, 80 percent of people 16 years of age or older have been vaccinated with two doses so far, and nearly 90 percent of people have received one dose.

At the end of May this year, the single-dose vaccine developed by Johnson & Johnson was approved for use by the British Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

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