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Coronavirus in Poland. A mural encouraging vaccinations against COVID-19 on the facade of the Medical University in Wrocław

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The Medical University of Wrocław, in cooperation with the magistrate and the Academy of Fine Arts, unveiled a mural as part of the “Wrocław is vaccinating” campaign. As the originators point out, the work is to encourage vaccinations and make residents aware of their importance in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

The mural was unveiled on Tuesday at noon. The work was carried out on the facade of the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry at Krakowska Street. The work is the result of cooperation between the Medical University and the Academy of Fine Arts. Two candidates submitted proposals for the competition organized by the Academy of Fine Arts. The jury chose a project by Malwina Gaj entitled “Virus Binding Hummingbirds”.


– The initial idea, the concept, was the idea of ​​people from the medical university. A hummingbird was supposed to appear on the mural, releasing beams of, say, nectar of power from its beak, and this was to symbolize the vaccine. In fact, I just let my imagination run wild and put it into practice according to my idea. Having several slogans, I put them together – says the author of the mural.

Hummingbird binding to the virusTVN24 Wrocław

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Cooperation between universities and the municipality

Tomasz Zatoński, prof. The Marshal’s Office and the vice-rector for building relations and cooperation with the environment admitted that the idea for the mural appeared before the COVID-19 disease pandemic. It was supposed to encourage the inhabitants of Wrocław to vaccinate against all possible diseases. The advent of the coronavirus only made the initiative more relevant.

– When there was information that there was an epidemic, that a cure in the form of vaccinations had been found, it was known that the message would need to be strengthened. Then we showed that Wrocław is a place where we can cooperate between universities and institutions. The mayor of Wrocław immediately said that the city would get involved, that it was a message that was close to him, explains Zatoński.

– Our duty is to spread medical knowledge and instill healthy behavior. Before the next wave of the epidemic comes, we must do everything possible to convince undecided people and encourage them to vaccinate, it is now the only and most effective method of protecting against the severe course of COVID-19 – adds the vice-rector.

TVN24 Wrocław, Medical University of Wrocław

Main photo source: TVN24 Wrocław

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