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Coronavirus in Poland. Adam Niedzielski on the current situation of COVID-19 patients

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The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, took part in the 590 Congress. on how patients are currently going through COVID-19. – There are fewer of them in hospitals, but the clinical course is different. In the current wave of the pandemic, health deteriorates and collapses faster.

The head of the Ministry of Health was asked, inter alia, o the program “Prevention 40 plus” and the role of primary health care – There are two very important pandemic contexts of prevention. If we look at the worst that happened, that is, the number of deaths and the comparison of the so-called surplus, not only directly related to COVID-19 storage, we do not do well in Europe – he said.

He stressed that the reasons for the differentiation of individual countries when faced with the pandemic wave were, inter alia, “health awareness and the scope of applied prophylaxis”. In this context, the minister pointed out that life expectancy in Poland is below the European average. – Many people do not take the pandemic rules of distance, disinfection and masks seriously, and the symptoms of the disease do not prompt patients to be examined – he said.

Niedzielski stated that in the current, fourth wave of the pandemic, the so-called breakdowns and deterioration of health. – There are fewer patients in hospitals, but the clinical course is different. In the previous wave, we had a period of roughly two weeks from infection to collapse, when the patient was ventilated. Now clinicians say it’s a week, “he pointed out. The health ministry said on Wednesday that there are 2013 people with COVID-19 in hospitals, including 190 patients connected to ventilators.

Niedzielski: We have crossed the barrier of the fourth wave of the pandemicRadio Plus

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– If we are dealing with such a shortening of the period and we are not aware of the risk, to protect ourselves, to react quickly, the result is that the first test for COVID-19 very often – as the doctors indicate – is performed in an ambulance, which takes the patient straight to the ventilator – added the head of the ministry of health.

“Prevention 40 plus”

The minister emphasized that “the context of prevention and health awareness is not only the context of abstract care for one’s health, but a real instrument of fighting the pandemic”. On the other hand, the second context is “the context of the health deficit which increased after the limited access to doctors was limited, because some of them used only teleportation and there was no chance for a test”.

Niedzielski emphasized that there is “a need to send a clear signal that we have to catch up. To catch up with remedial medicine, one has to start with diagnostics and research” – hence, as he emphasized – the idea of ​​the “Prevention 40 plus” program. Referring to systemic issues, the head of the Ministry of Health also said that the burden and essence of prophylaxis should be focused on family doctors.

In order to take advantage of the program, which started on July 1, you must complete the questionnaire “Prevention 40 plus”, placed in the Patient Online Account. After completing it, the patient receives an e-referral to a package of tests tailored to his needs. Then, he or she can report to the facility participating in the program. The program provides from 8 to 12 types of tests in three packages. It is intended for people over 40 years of age. All tests within its framework are free.

Morawiecki: the “Prevention 40 PLUS” program is for us to remember about our healthTVN24

Congress 590

The 6th edition of Congress 590 – one of the key economic events in the country – has been taking place since Tuesday in Warsaw. President Andrzej Duda took the honorary patronage over the event. The guests of the event are experts from the world of international business. The discussions are conducted in such thematic areas as, inter alia, demography, health and science, including the research and development sector.

Main photo source: Wojciech Olkuśnik / PAP

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