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Coronavirus in Poland and the return of children to school. Jacek Sutryk, Danuta Kozakiewicz and Andrzej Trybusz in vaccinations against COVID-19 and the model of learning students

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The guests of “Fakty po Faktach” talked about the return of children to school during the COVID-19 epidemic. – I made a comparison of the conditions of returning to school now and a year ago. The changes took place because there is vaccination and some teachers are vaccinated, while all other conditions have not changed – indicated the director of the Warsaw school, Danuta Kozakiewicz. The Mayor of Wrocław, Jacek Sutryk, announced that there will be buses in the city, in which the vaccination campaign at educational institutions will be carried out. Former Chief Sanitary Inspector, Dr. Andrzej Trybusz, pointed out that administration of the preparation in schools must take place “in safe conditions”.

The Mayor of Wrocław Jacek Sutryk, director of Primary School No. 103 in Warsaw Danuta Kozakiewicz and former Chief Sanitary Inspector, General Doctor of Medical Sciences Andrzej Trybusz.


– We directors are prepared for all three forms of work [stacjonarnej, hybrydowej i zdalnej – przyp. red.] – Kozakiewicz stated. She admitted that “the easiest way to prepare for full-time education at the moment”.

– However, I did a comparison of the conditions of returning to school now and a year ago. Changes took place because some teachers are vaccinated and vaccinated, while all other conditions have not changed. It cannot be expected that the situation will be completely different if these conditions are very similar – assessed the director. – Therefore, I prepared to introduce the hybrid as soon as possible and if necessary, we will do it overnight – she said.

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At the same time, she argued that “hybrid is much better than fully remote teaching, because it allows you to keep at least some of the child’s presence at school”. – We would very much like classroom teaching to take place as long as possible. Although the coronavirus may not count the guidelines we have, she said.

Sutryk: we have special buses that will stop at schools and vaccinate

The mayor of Wrocław spoke about the safety of children returning to education in institutions in the context of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign. As announced by the head of MEiN Przemysław Czarnek vaccination points are to be set up in schoolsand special guidelines should be sent to directors.

Jacek Sutryk reported that at the beginning of the summer holidays in the city, a large campaign was carried out to encourage young people to take the preparation. – We have special buses from MPK in Wrocław, which run all over the city, also stopping and going to park at Wrocław’s schools. There, in a safe way – because we are doing this action with medics, mainly with a clinical hospital in a really safe way – we encourage and vaccinate those who have decided to do so, he added. He said that at the moment there are surveys among students and parents about the readiness for vaccination.

Tribusz on vaccination in schools: must be carried out under safe conditions

The former Chief Sanitary Inspector, Doctor of Medicine, General Andrzej Trybusz, pointed out that “vaccinations must be carried out in safe conditions and it all depends on what conditions the school can create and whether there will be a need for these vaccinations”.

He also said that “there is no doubt that children are carriers of infection.” – While they get sick much less frequently, they usually pass the infection asymptomatically, but when they become infected at school, they transfer the infection to their home environment or more broadly – he said. That is why – as he said – it is extremely important that schools are safe in terms of epidemics.

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