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Monday, September 27, 2021

Coronavirus in Poland. Andrzej Duda on the obligation to vaccinate. Dr. Jerzy Friediger comments

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President Andrzej Duda said on Monday before the meeting of the Cabinet Council that he was “absolutely against compulsory vaccination”. – Such an unequivocal declaration on the part of the president is perhaps a bit premature. The more people get vaccinated, the safer we will be – said Jerzy Friediger, MD, the head of state in “Fakt after Fakt”.

After the Cabinet Council meeting, Duda said that he had received full information from the government regarding the preparation of schools for the new school year. – The most important information is that the school year starts normally. There is no lockdown, no special hybrid or other systems learning. Children and adolescents go to school normally, said the president.


Earlier, he also declared that he was “absolutely against compulsory vaccination”. – I believe it will cause social unrest. I believe that it is a matter of people’s responsibility and everyone should bear this responsibility alone – emphasized Duda.

Duda on vaccinations and the fourth wave of the pandemic. Dr. Jerzy Friediger comments

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Jerzy Friediger, director of the Stefan Żeromski in Warsaw and a member of the presidium of the Supreme Medical Council. – Such an unequivocal declaration on the part of the president is perhaps a bit premature. I am of the opinion (…) that the more people are vaccinated, the safer we will be – he said.

– I think that this is not a good example and that we should hear slightly different declarations from the representatives of the highest state authorities, encouraging Poles to vaccinate. This is the only way to protect against coronavirus infection, and if not against infection, then certainly against its severe course and deaths – he pointed out.

President after Cabinet Council meeting: no lockdown is assumedTVN24

A TVN24 guest cited research that says that in Europe “almost 250,000 people will die from the fourth wave of COVID”. – We should do everything to prevent this from happening – he stressed

Referring to the president’s optimistic assurances of returning to school and not implementing a lockdown, Friediger noted that he had “before his eyes what happened in our hospital during the third wave.” – I would not be so unambiguous in these assessments, especially as you may have to trust those who know what it is. (…) If they predict such a number of deaths in Europe, then we have no reason to believe that Poland will be a country of happiness and security and that we will miss it – he said.

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