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Coronavirus in Poland, anti-vaccine attacks. Protection of vaccination point workers is approved by the prime minister

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In response to the aggressive actions of anti-vaccines, the government wants to protect vaccine workers with the same protection as public officials. Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki agreed to this solution.

On Twitter, health minister Adam Niedzielski informed that attacks by anti-vaccines on vaccination points and threats against medical staff were discussed at the meeting of the Council of Ministers on Tuesday. “Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki has approved the protection of vaccination point employees as public officials,” wrote Niedzielski.

Niedzielski had announced earlier that he wanted the employees of vaccination points “to be subject to special legal protection” and that “every threat, every threat, every act of aggression towards these workers would be punished with particular severity”.

Public officials are protected under the provisions of the Penal Code. A crime is, inter alia, a violation of the bodily integrity of an officer or an active attack on him. A violating bodily inviolability of a public official is threatened with a fine, the penalty of restriction of liberty or imprisonment for up to three years (Article 222 of the Penal Code). from 2 to 12 years (Article 223 of the Penal Code).


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Anti-vaccine attacks

Recently, the activities of anti-vaccination communities have become more acute. An unknown culprit last week set fire to a mobile vaccination point against COVID-19 and the Sanepid building in Zamość. Niedzielski described this event as an “act of terror”.

Also last week, an anti-vaccine group surrounded a mobile vaccination point in Gdynia. In this case, the police sent 15 motions for punishment to the court.

In Aleksandrów Kujawski anti-vaccines entered the orphanage. “They just came to intimidate me and attack me.” It was a traumatic experience – said the director of the facility.

At the end of July, one of the vaccination points in Grodzisk Mazowiecki there was a scuffle caused by anti-vaccines trying to force their way into the building. During the police intervention, two people were arrested: one for violating the bodily integrity of an officer, the other for insulting and making criminal threats. Two men, who were guarding the vaccination point and sustained minor injuries, were awarded a medal by the health minister.

Tomasz Karauda, ​​a doctor from Łódź, who promoted vaccinations, submitted a notification to the prosecutor’s office regarding criminal threats. He decided to act because the publications with his participation began to appear threats to deprive him and his family members of life.

Main photo source: Grzegorz Momot / PAP

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