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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Coronavirus in Poland. Beds for COVID-19 patients. Where are they missing?

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Nationally – according to the latest data from the Ministry of Health – less than 12,500 COVID-19 patients are hospitalized, and a total of over 18,000 beds are prepared, but in individual facilities in the country the situation can be very difficult. For example, in the Provincial Specialist Hospital in Legnica (Lower Silesia), almost all beds intended for covid patients are already occupied. The situation is similar at the Specialist Hospital No. 1 in Bytom. In total, the number of coronavirus patients in Polish hospitals is the highest since May 15. The details are reported by TVN24 reporters on Friday.

The Provincial Specialist Hospital in Legnica is one of those facilities where the situation in the care of COVID-19 patients is tense. The spokesman of the hospital, Tomasz Kozieł, emphasizes that a dozen or so patients are admitted every day, more or less the same number is discharged. Recently, he adds, a maximum of 80 out of 80 places are available, on Thursday, for example, there were only two beds available.


Extra beds at the emergency department

– We are practically reaching the limit of our possibilities when it comes to locating new patients on our beds. Therefore, either today or tomorrow, an additional dozen or so places will be opened from the newly created rooms at the Hospital Emergency Department, where we will also help the sick who come to us with covid – says Kozieł.

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The spokesman adds that the current situation, fortunately, does not have a strong impact on the rest of the hospital. Due to the opening of the modular hospital, the departments are relieved and are not closed, as was the case in the past. It is not, however, that the increasing wave of disease goes unnoticed. You have to think not only about those infected with the coronavirus, but also about 500 patients from noncovid wards.

– We have introduced a visit ban for the sake of our patients who are staying here for the treatment of underlying diseases. Most often their immunity is weakened. Possible importation of an external infection, be it viral or bacterial, may significantly threaten their health, explains Tomasz Kozieł. He adds that only in exceptional circumstances, with the consent of the management, it will be possible to visit the sick.

Rapid growth in Poznań

In Poznań, the places in the temporary hospital located on the premises of the Poznań International Fair are also filling up fast. On November 2, it was reopened. The day before the Independence Day, it was necessary to launch an additional hospital module, increasing the pool of beds to less than a hundred. On Sunday, it will be necessary to initiate the work of the next module (28 additional beds), because there are only a few places left.

– Patients are slightly older people, 70-80 plus. This is different from the case of the third wave, when the age gap was greater. Two thirds of patients on medical beds are unvaccinated. The vast majority of patients on ventilator beds are also unvaccinated, says Bartosz Sobański, spokesman for the Clinical Hospital of the Transfiguration of the Lord’s Medical University in Poznań.

Beds in the temporary hospital in Poznań fill up quicklyTVN24 Poznań

Bytom: one bed is left

Jerzy Jaroszewicz, the head of the infectious and observational ward, Specialist Hospital No. 1 in Bytom, admits that the dynamics of admitting patients with coronavirus is “very high”. From Monday to Friday, 34 people were admitted to the ward, only one bed was left.

– The youngest patient is 40 years old, the oldest patient in the 90s. Most of them are sick. These are mostly people who came to us too late, as usual. Again, we have people who come to us with saturation below 90 percent, and unfortunately about 80 percent are unvaccinated people, says Dr. Jaroszewicz.

The doctor explains and advises on how to respond to the symptoms of the disease. It’s worth listening to the whole conversation:

34 places in the hospital in Bytom were filled up in a few days

TVN24 Clean_20211112111502_aac_h264_microsoft_720_5000kbps

“Data doesn’t reflect reality”

On Thursday, less than 13,000 new coronavirus infections were recorded in Poland, said Wojciech Andrusiewicz, spokesman for the Ministry of Health on TVN24.

– This is a smaller number, but we had a day off yesterday, we had a national holiday, so fewer tests were performed. These figures do not reflect reality, so we should not be guided by them. What reflects the reality are increases of roughly 50 percent week-on-week, the spokesman said, recalling that there were nearly 16,000 infections last Friday.

Data from hospitals

Friday’s epidemic data report shows that: – 18 216 beds are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+386 compared to the previous day), – of this 12 419 beds are occupied by COVID-19 patients (+389), – 1639 ventilators are intended for patients with COVID-19 (+52), – of which 1063 respirators are currently used (+57), – 410 504 people are in quarantine (+8193), – 2 774 179 people recovered (+9828).

The number of patients in hospitals is at its highest since May 15.

The number of patients treated with ventilators is at its highest since May 24.

Andrusiewicz: in the past day, less than 13,000 infections were recorded

Andrusiewicz: in the past day, less than 13,000 infections were recordedTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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