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Coronavirus in Poland, Bolesławiec. When she could no longer breathe on her own, the patient confessed that she was not vaccinated against COVID-19

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A patient infected with coronavirus was brought to the hospital in Bolesławiec in Lower Silesia. The woman was in a medium-severe condition, as the doctors called it. She was listed in the system as a vaccinated person. After a few days, however, her condition began to deteriorate, which aroused the doctors’ suspicions. The patient, when she was already connected to the ventilator, finally confessed that she had not accepted the COVID-19 vaccine. And the vaccination certificate was forged.

An approximately 50-year-old woman was sent to the facility in Bolesławiec in mid-October. In the system of Electronic Verification of Eligibility of Beneficiaries, he was listed as a person vaccinated with two doses of the preparation against COVID-19. Doctors described her condition as moderate. In such cases, usually after a few days in hospital, the patient improves.


The condition worsened rather than improved. The patient admitted cheating

– In this case it was different. After two or three days, the patient’s condition worsened. She required an oxygen mask. In the following days, we performed a chest tomography. The woman required additional support and non-invasive ventilation was used. In the vast majority of cases, we see an improvement in people vaccinated after one week. We were surprised that the patient’s condition was gradually deteriorating. We informed the family that we did not know why. Then the patient admitted that she was not vaccinated. She said nothing more, she was not able to – says Justyna Straszak-Trzeciak, head of the neurological department at the hospital in Bolesławiec.

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The doctor adds that the woman spent about 10 days in the facility in Bolesławiec. After this time, the patient’s family decided to transfer her to another hospital.

The patient was transferred to the Lower Silesian Center for Lung Diseases at Grabiszyńska Street in Wrocław. Its further fate is unknown to the staff of the facility in Bolesławiec. We asked about the case the spokesman of the Marshal’s Office of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, the institution managing the hospital. Michał Nowakowski reported that “according to his knowledge, the patient was discharged from DCChP in Wrocław after hospitalization”.

False certificate

How did it happen that a woman, despite not being vaccinated against COVID-19, was listed in the system as vaccinated? As Kamil Barczyk, director of the hospital in Bolesławiec admits, the Internet is full of advertisements about false vaccination certificates or negative COVID-19 test results.

– We were clearly dealing with this process. The sale of fake certificates can take place in different ways. Someone can buy such a certificate online, someone else will issue a certificate at the vaccination point without applying a dose – says Barczyk.

– The patient’s condition was so severe that it was difficult to verify why she was listed in the system as a vaccinated person – emphasizes Straszak-Trzeciak.

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