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Coronavirus in Poland. Companies and entrepreneurs will be able to check information on vaccination of clients and employees

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The government is preparing changes to the regulations that will allow employers to obtain information about the vaccination of not only employees but also clients. Currently, companies are unable to verify that clients have been vaccinated. The new law is to enable them – writes “Fakt”.

– At the moment, the project is undergoing internal consultations. Its essence, which we care most about, is the possibility of verifying the vaccination by the employer – said spokesman of the health ministry Wojciech Andrusiewicz, quoted by “Fakt”.

The newspaper reports that the project assumes, inter alia, that those who, due to the lack of vaccination, are transferred to another job, may have a reduced salary. “If the employer is not able to offer such an employee another job, he will have the right to send him on unpaid leave,” says “Fakt”.

Entrepreneurs will check whether clients have been vaccinated

“It turns out, however, that they will be able to check not only their employees, but also clients” – emphasizes “Fakt”. The newspaper explains that “if government restrictions are introduced, the company will be able to avoid them by offering its services only to people who are vaccinated, convicted or have a valid negative coronavirus test.”

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“At the moment, companies do not have the possibility to check whether customers are vaccinated. When limits were introduced in restaurants, hotels or mass events, which do not include the vaccinated, entrepreneurs already pointed out that they had no way of checking it. The new law is to enable them to do so, and what’s more, to make them even dependent on running a business – but on condition that restrictions are introduced that will apply to them “- the newspaper notes.

No vaccination – possible unpaid leave

“It is proposed that in the case of a person who provided information about not being vaccinated against COVID-19 or not having passed the SARS-CoV-2 virus infection confirmed by the result of the SARS-CoV-2 diagnostic test or having a valid positive diagnostic test result for SARS- CoV-2, the employer could delegate this person to work outside his permanent place of work or to a different type of work, with a salary corresponding to the type of work, or send him on unpaid leave, “we read in the information posted on government websites.

“It is also possible to wait for the above information before entering into an employment relationship with a job applicant” – added.


Vaccination verification – what documentation will I need to show?

In order to verify the health status, it will be possible to use the mobile application provided by the e-Health Center or to use certificates with the face image of the certificate holder. They will be able to be issued by medical professionals.

The photos will come from the Register of ID cards and the records of issued and canceled passport documents.

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