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Coronavirus in Poland. Do entrepreneurs want to know if workers are vaccinated against COVID-19? The research results

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The vast majority of entrepreneurs believe that the employer should know how many and which employees in his company are attacked against COVID-19 – these are the conclusions of the study commissioned by the Lewiatan Confederation, conducted by CBM Indicator.

“The vast majority of entrepreneurs (80 percent) agree with the statement that the employer should have access to information on how many employees of his company have been harassed. 20 percent of employers are against it” – Konfederacja Lewiatan reported in Tuesday’s press release.

Entrepreneurs want to know if an employee is vaccinated

85 percent want to know how many employees have been vaccinated. medium-sized companies, 79 percent small and 70 percent. large.

According to Konfederacka Lewiatan, the vast majority of entrepreneurs (80%) also agree with the statement that the employer should have access to information on which specific employees are vaccinated. 20 percent of the respondents do not want to have such knowledge.

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84% of employees want to be informed about which employees have been vaccinated. medium-sized companies, 78 percent small and 72 percent large.

The fourth coronavirus wave and lockdown – entrepreneurs’ predictions

The survey shows that 68 percent. employers expect a hard lockdown in the fall. Just as many do not believe that the restrictions that will probably appear in the fall will not endanger the operation of companies.

In turn, 65 percent. employers believe that their companies are prepared for any restrictions that may be introduced in the fall.

The cyclical survey of entrepreneurs’ sentiment was carried out in August this year by the “Business Index” on a representative sample of entrepreneurs by CBM Indicator at the request of the Lewiatan Confederation.

Over 60 percent of Poles want their employer to have the right to check whether their employee has been vaccinated against COVID-19 – according to a United Surveys poll for RMF FM and “Dziennik Gazeta Prawna”. Almost 51 percent of respondents believe that any new restrictions should not apply to vaccinated people.

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