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Coronavirus in Poland. Fourth wave, lockdown – Jarosław Gowin supports the appeal of the Council of Entrepreneurs

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Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Development, Labor and Technology Jarosław Gowin supports the postulates of the Entrepreneurship Council for the immediate adoption of regulations enabling protection against lockdown. As he emphasized, it is “an important voice of the broad representation of Polish entrepreneurs”.

In an appeal published on Tuesday, the Enterprise Council calls for the immediate introduction of a lockdown option by allowing the provision of services and other activities to be made conditional on demonstration of immunization by customers.

As assured, “most entrepreneurs are ready to limit their offer only to people vaccinated or certified with COVID-19, and thus financially participate in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and support the goals of the national vaccination program.” “The interruption of business continuity during the fourth wave of the pandemic will do enormous damage” – emphasized.


The appeal was referred to in a Twitter entry by Deputy Prime Minister Jarosław Gowin. “An important voice of the broad representation of Polish entrepreneurs. As the minister responsible for the economy, I fully support these postulates,” wrote the head of the Ministry of Regional Development and Planning.

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Fourth wave of the pandemic

In an appeal by the Entrepreneurship Council, signed by representatives of nine employers’ organizations, it was written that a fourth wave of pandemic should be expected in Poland, and the situation will probably worsen with the emergence of new variants of the coronavirus. Therefore, it calls for “decisive and immediate” measures to be taken to limit the effects of further epidemic restrictions.

“The previous restrictions on movement and people-to-people contacts dictated by the need to reduce the COVID-19 pandemic were necessary. However, they have entailed huge costs, both for the public finance sector, as well as for employees and entrepreneurs. significantly reduced “- we read in the appeal.

The Council indicated that while vaccination rates are slowing down, a significant proportion of the population is already vaccinated today. “It cannot be that the health and financial costs of some people refusing to undergo vaccination are borne by the whole society. Forcing the vaccinated to de facto submit to the dictatorship of the unvaccinated is irrational and immoral” – indicated.


Vaccinations against COVID-19

In the opinion of the Council, all vaccinated and convalescents should have a real right to take care of their own health and the health of their relatives, and employers – also of the health of employees and clients. “As access to vaccinations is unlimited, the next lockdown does not have to and cannot be universal. When shaping further restrictions, the state must take into account the fact of vaccinating millions of Poles to a greater extent than before” – emphasized in the appeal.

As recalled, in many countries the possibility of using many services and people-to-people contacts is made dependent on vaccination or proof of the absence of infection. “The governments of France, Italy, Denmark, Portugal and Austria have already introduced or are planning to introduce a vaccination condition for the use of restaurants, hotels, sports centers, cultural establishments and similar places of people-to-people contact” – explained.

According to the Entrepreneurship Council, introducing the possibility and then the obligation to make use of services and staying in certain places conditional on proof of vaccination brings another huge benefit. “The experiences of other countries leave no doubt that thanks to such solutions, the interest in vaccinations is significantly increasing” – emphasized.

The Government Information Center announced on Tuesday that 33,843,941 vaccinations have been performed so far in Poland. 17,040,924 people are fully vaccinated. The vaccination rate in Poland is 44.5 percent.

Main photo source: PAP / Andrzej Grygiel

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