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Coronavirus in Poland, fourth wave. Michał Wypij: the most anti-vaccinees are in the PiS club

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“The most anti-vaccine workers are in the PiS club”, so there is no majority among the ruling party for the project giving employers the opportunity to check whether employees are vaccinated – said Michał Wypij, the vice-president of the Agreement in “Rozmowa Piaseckiego”. He added that Law and Justice ignores the COVID-19 epidemic. This got out of hand and hence a dramatic attempt to seek support from the opposition.

The fourth wave of coronavirus infections is passing through Poland. The average number of confirmed daily infections, calculated on the basis of data from the last seven days, exceeded 23,000 on Sunday. It is the highest since April 6. Despite the significant increases in the number of infections, the government has not decided to introduce any additional restrictions.


On Monday, the guest of “Rozmowy Piasecki” was the vice-president of the Agreement, Michał Wypij. – From the beginning, we said, while still in the government, to take this crisis very seriously and that the priority should be to fight for the health and life of Poles. At one point, PiS included these deaths in the costs of support bars – he said.

Since then – continued Wypij – PiS “has consistently disregarded this disease.” – Today it can be seen that the scale has got out of control and hence this dramatic attempt to seek support from the opposition – he said, referring to two meetings of the health ministry with representatives of parliamentary groups.

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Drink: the most anti-vaccine agents are in the PiS club

When asked whether at these meetings there was talk of a project giving employers the opportunity to check whether employees are vaccinated, he replied that “it was unambiguous that PiS, even in its club, does not have the majority of such projects, such wise rules that exist in the west and bring positive results. “

– Such a solution would have a majority in the Sejm, but such a solution will not be proposed by PiS. Most anti-vaccines are in the PiS club. This is their problem – judged Drink.

Drink: instead of the voice of wise people, the government listens to a group of MPs

– During the first wave, when Minister Łukasz Szumowski was still in charge, it seemed that everything was harmonious, sensible, and kept to the whole. The voice of wise people, virologists, was heard. At one point, it was found that Minister Szumowski and the medical council to the prime minister were disturbing. The minister was replaced, and today the crisis is being managed by Norbert Maliszewski (head of the Center for Strategic Analyzes – ed.) – said the TVN24 guest.

This – as he said – “results from Dworczyk’s e-mails that the whole disease, this situation is treated instrumentally, as one of the elements of politics, building support or not losing this support”.

– The biggest problem is that anonymous people were allowed to vote. Some politicians from the ruling camp noticed that on this basis you can increase your awareness. Today, instead of the voices of wise people, the government listens to a group of deputies who have no idea what they are talking about and do not feel responsible for the lives of Poles, said Wypij.

Main photo source: TVN24

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