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Coronavirus in Poland. Fourth wave threat. Andrzej Matyja comments

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The Delta variant is more contagious. It is estimated that about 120 times more infections will occur in unvaccinated people than in vaccinated ones, Andrzej Matyja, president of the Supreme Medical Council, said in “Powstajesz i Weekend” on TVN24. According to him, the fourth wave is inevitable. “It may be even more dangerous than the one we survived,” he warned.

In Poland it was recorded on Saturday 290 new coronavirus infections. This is the highest daily increase since June 11. Experts warn that Poland is at the beginning of the fourth wave of the pandemic. Andrzej Matyja, president of the Supreme Medical Council, spoke about the current epidemiological situation on the Vistula on Sunday in the program “Get up and weekend” on TVN24.


The fourth wave is inevitable

– Poland is not a green island – said Matyja. As he said, “the Delta variant is more infectious, it will cause more hospitalizations, especially for the unvaccinated.” It is estimated that about 120 times more infections will occur in unvaccinated people than in vaccinated people, he said.

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He also noted that the Delta variant “breaks the immunity of those who were vaccinated”. – The threat of the fourth wave is inevitable, it is only a question of its size – said Matyja.

He recalled that we have at least 2 million convalescents and over 18 million vaccinated. This, he noted, is about two-thirds of the population that has somehow developed resilience.

– You have to remember that after six months this immunity is systematically decreasing. From a resistance of around 90 percent, it drops to 60-70 percent. So the fourth wave threat is real, he repeated. He warned that “it may be even more dangerous than the one we survived.”

Children go back to school. There will be a spike in infections

Matyja predicted a surge in infections about a month after the children returned to school. – We know it will happen because we have witnessed it before – he reminded. He emphasized that he was in favor of returning to full-time education, which he considered “necessary, but in safe conditions”.

– I am against repeating what happened last year. That is why I am afraid that the children will come to schools, and in a month we will close them again – said the president of the Supreme Medical Council.

As he said, “in Poland at the moment we do not have a developed strategy or recommendations, and yet every school is different”. – Just like a lifeguard at the pool, he should know how many people are in the pool, how many can swim, how many vests he has. This should all be known by now. These data are not intended to segregate or stigmatize, but on the basis of these data recommendations should be developed that every school principal should already know – said Matyja.

Minister Czarnek on preparation for the new school year

Third dose

On Friday it was published position of the Medical Council on booster and additional vaccination against SARS-Cov-2. It stated that “due to clinical data confirming that immunity is satisfactory eight months after the last dose, routine immunization with a booster dose is currently not recommended.” An additional dose is recommended, however, no sooner than 28 days after the primary end of the day. vaccination cycle among people with impaired immunity “- we read in the position.

– The third dose seems necessary, especially for those whose immunity is much lower. The Medical Council made recommendations. Now it is a matter of a political decision to introduce the necessity to vaccinate with the third dose – said Matyja.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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