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Coronavirus in Poland, Gdynia. The anti-vaccines surrounded the vaccine

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On Saturday, a group of a dozen or so anti-vaccinators surrounded a vaccine camp on the boulevard in Gdynia. They shouted, among other things, “you are the killers” and “you are Dr. Mengele’s children.” The police were called to the scene. – We have been vaccinating for nine months and this is the first time we have encountered such a situation – says Małgorzata Pisarewicz, spokeswoman for Pomeranian Hospitals.

The incident took place on Saturday on the boulevard in Gdynia. There were almost all women in the vehicle who felt unsafe and therefore called the police. The officers later assisted the medics during their further work.

– Normally we have an open door, and that day it had to be closed so that there would be no threat to medics and people willing to vaccinate – said Pisarewicz. – We have been vaccinating for nine months and this is the first time we have encountered such a situation – she added.


Anti-vaccine workers surrounded a vaccine house on the boulevard in GdyniaTVN24

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“We don’t break down, we don’t give up”

A spokeswoman for Pomeranian Hospitals suspects that the anti-vaccine campaign must have been prepared in advance. – The places where we vaccinate are not a secret, because we make this information public. This weekend we vaccinated in Sierakowice and Sulęczyn in Kashubia, but there were no such situations. We inform the police in advance and we have assistance if necessary. Firemen also help to keep an eye on vaccinations. We try to make everyone feel safe during vaccination – she explained.

They did not discourage vaccination

Anna Kosowska, director of nursing at the Maritime Hospital The Polish Red Cross in Gdynia, which was on site on Saturday, stated that this situation did not discourage them from further work.

“It doesn’t upset us that an anti-vaccine group is verbally attacking us. This is nothing new to us. We don’t break down, we don’t give up. It is with great pleasure and joy that we are here to vaccinate as many people as possible – she said.

In July, the Szczepibus started running in Gdynia’s districts.

Residents and tourists can choose whether they want to get vaccinated with Johnson & Johnson or Pfizer. There is no need to register and make an appointment in the vaccinia beforehand. All you need to do is choose a convenient date and location for us, and then go to the outdoor vaccination point.

Main photo source: tvn24

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