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Coronavirus in Poland. How many infections at the end of October? Adam Niedzielski about the forecast

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At the end of October, we forecast five thousand new infections a day – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. He added that the statistics on hospitalization of people suffering from COVID-19 “clearly show that vaccination works.”

On Monday, the Ministry of Health informed about 903 new infections coronavirus. Last week, the daily number of new infections exceeded 2,000. The data released on Mondays has been consistently lower since the beginning of the pandemic.

When asked on Monday about the forecast development of the epidemic, Adam Niedzielski, the Minister of Health, replied: – For now, we are in such a scenario that we forecast the daily number of infections at the end of October at the level of five thousand.

He stressed that “from the point of view of the COVID infrastructure, this is not a problem.”


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“The approach to restrictions is completely different than in previous waves”

As Niedzielski added, “it is evident that vaccinations work”. – Compared to September and October of the previous year, we currently have twice as few hospitalized people – he explained. Therefore, he added, “the approach to the restrictions is completely different than it was in previous waves of the previous year.”

The minister emphasized that “vaccinations are the greatest scientific achievement of modern times, securing our health”, because they protect against illnesses or a severe course of disease.

Niedzielski: We transfer the burden of negotiations to a tripartite team. A meeting on Friday

Niedzielski also spoke about the ministry’s negotiations with the protesting health care workers. – Last week, we put a very specific salary increase offer from July 2022 on the table. The value of this amount amounted to nearly PLN 6 billion on a semi-annual basis. Unfortunately, this offer was rejected without any further justification, he said.

This, he added, “is another situation, when we encourage people to talk, we invite you to the table, where we present very substantive, well-thought-out proposals, and this is unfortunately contested without any arguments.”

– Therefore, in the management of the Ministry of Health, we have made a decision to shift the burden of negotiations to a tripartite team that integrates employers and trade unions. There we will want to sign an agreement this week or next and propose the terms that we showed to the protest committee – the minister said.

– We are determined to solve the problem, not to extend the talks, to present a very specific offer. On October 15, on Friday, we have a meeting as part of a tripartite team – informed Niedzielski.

Main photo source: PAP

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