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Coronavirus in Poland. Joanna Mucha and Kosma Złotowski comment on the government’s actions regarding the COVID-19 epidemic

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Should the government introduce restrictions in view of the worsening epidemic situation in the country? Among other things, politicians discussed this in “Fakty po Faktach”. According to Joanna Mucha from Poland 2050 “cynical, political calculus means that restrictions are not introduced”. Kosma Złotowski from PiS said that the restrictions “do not make it less ill”.

On Thursday, the health ministry informed about 28,128 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. On Wednesday, there were almost the same number of new infections – 28 380.

Many countries in Europe introduce pandemic restrictions that take more or less restrictive forms. On Thursday, the Czech government decided to introduce a state of emergency for 30 days. Epidemic restrictions are in force, among others, in France, the Netherlands and Italy. Lockdown is ongoing in Slovakia and Austria.

It is completely different in Poland. The rulers’ strategy is to increase the number of beds for COVID-19 patients. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski signaled this week that if the fourth wave intensifies, the introduction of restrictions may take place in early December.

The guests of the Thursday issue of “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24 were PiS MEP Kosma Złotowski and Polish 2050 MEP Joanna Mucha. They discussed the pandemic situation in Poland and the actions of the government in this matter.

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Mucha: political calculus decides about the limitations

Mucha judged that the fourth wave “is already at its epicenter”. – He’s at the top. The effects that we will see in two or three weeks, that is when those who became infected today will be hospitalized, will be thousands, tens of thousands of Poles who will die completely unnecessarily. They could live, they could be healthy, but they will leave us – she said.

Concrete24: Fourth wave of the pandemic: large increase in the number of infections in eight provinces

– It is clear: If thirty, forty, fifty thousand Poles die, PiS thinks that it will lose more or less the number of voters proportional to this number of deaths. If the government introduces restrictions, it will lose a few percent, on which a lot may depend. Here, a cynical, political calculation determines that restrictions are not imposed, she stated.

Mucha also mentioned the certificates confirming vaccination against the coronavirus. “The state is doing almost nothing about false certificates,” she said. In her opinion, fake certificates are “a very important problem” and a “crime”. – We are ruled by people who simply allow non-vaccination for left-hand certificates – she concluded.

Złotowski: the restrictions have no effect

Złotowski said that the government, in addition to ordering the wearing of masks and the use of distance and disinfection, as well as issuing fines for non-compliance with these recommendations, promotes vaccination against COVID-19. Noting that vaccinations have stagnated, Złotowski admitted that “there is nothing to brag about.”

He also added that “the restrictions do not make it less sick.” – It has no effect. It does not bring the expected results. The only result we expect is fewer infections, and fewer infections can only come from a vaccine – said the PiS MEP.

He agreed that limiting the activity of unvaccinated people in public places where large groups congregate will reduce the risk of the epidemic spreading. “It’s true that the limited activity of these unvaccinated people would certainly have resulted in fewer infections,” he said. “But it’s also a restriction on civil rights,” he said.

Taking into account that the government, in terms of restrictions, used to even close forests and asked whether it was not restricting civil liberties, Złotowski assessed: – It was absurd, from which the government quickly withdrew.

Złotowski: restrictions do not make it less illTVN24

Main photo source: PAP / Paweł Supernak

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