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Coronavirus in Poland. Law and Justice MP Bolesław Piecha on the Medical Council, curator Barbara Nowak and the government’s decisions regarding the COVID-19 epidemic

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It seems to me that the government will break its discussions and make decisions – this is how Bolesław Piecha, the PiS MP in “Piasecki’s Conversation”, spoke about the government’s inability to deal with the epidemic and the insufficient level of vaccination against the coronavirus. – We stood against the wall. We have two legal acts waiting in line – he admitted. “We’re struggling, inside my club and somewhere with society,” he added.

The guest of the Tuesday edition of “Rozmowy Piasecki” on TVN24 was the PiS member of parliament, doctor Bolesław Piecha. He was asked whether the Małopolska school superintendent should lose his position for calling protective vaccination against COVID-19 an “experiment”. “I suppose that would be a reasonable solution,” he replied.


– However, I am quite a tough supporter when it comes to public figures. They should be guided by knowledge, not all kinds of their own thoughts and assumptions – he commented.

Piecha: I regret it, but I understand

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In this context, the subject of the resignation of the majority of 13 out of 17 members of the Medical Council, which was the prime minister’s advisory body on the epidemic, was discussed. Piecha was asked if if he were in the Council, he would have made a similar decision due to the lack of agency.

– It is not a question of banging your head against a wall, the professors were well aware of the function of this Council, how it is constituted. And it is not that all recommendations can be implemented immediately – he said. He admitted that he “regretted that a large part of the Council resigned”.

Małopolska probation officer to resign? PiS MP: a reasonable solutionTVN24

– They were probably the best Polish specialists for today, but also practitioners in the entire area of ​​the pandemic, from health, neurological and psychiatric consequences, to scientists strictly dealing with the virus itself and immunology – he assessed. – I regret. However, I must say that I understand some of these professors. Probably their mental resistance or skin is not as thick as that of a racial politician, which I consider myself to be – he added.

“We stood against the wall”

Doctor Konstanty Szułdrzyński, head of the Anesthesiology and Intensive Therapy Clinic at the Ministry of Interior and Administration hospital in Warsaw, former member of the Medical Council at the prime minister, asked on Monday on TVN24 why he decided to leave the council, he said that Zbigniew Herbert could be quoted that “in fact it was the matter of taste in which are the fibers of the soul and the cartilage of conscience. ” – At some point, a situation arose that we had an increasing number of deaths and such a feeling of complete drift in all of this – he added.

Piecha, when asked about these words, commented that it was “a painful statement”. “Probably sharpened by a certain level of frustration, the professor’s understandable frustration,” he said. He repeated that he regretted the resignation of the Medical Council. “It didn’t have to come to that,” he admitted.

Bolesław Piecha in “Conversation of Piasecki”TVN24

– But I think we stood against the wall. We have two legal acts waiting in the queue (in the Sejm – ed.), I.e. the possibility of verifying covid certificates and possible compulsory vaccinations (for professional groups – ed.). For now, we measure our strength a bit and we struggle, inside my club and somewhere with society. It seems to me that the government will break its discussions and make decisions – said Piecha.

At the same time, he proposed that “it is a good solution to introduce the act to voting and order in the club that there is not necessarily a voting discipline”. – This would also give a picture of how the Law and Justice club itself, the United Right club, reacts to the suggestions of scientists and politicians, because Jarosław Kaczyński is a racial politician – summed up.

Main photo source: Tomasz Gzell / PAP

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