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Coronavirus in Poland. Mandatory vaccinations for some professions may be introduced in the near future – says the head of the Government Research Center

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The government is close to making a decision to introduce compulsory vaccinations for some professions, said Norbert Maliszewski, the head of the Government Analysis Center in an interview for Dziennik Gazeta Prawna. He noted that this was the recommendation of the Medical Council at the premiere and this step may force a new variant of the coronavirus – omicron.

The head of the Government Analyzes Center said in an interview published in the Monday edition of DGP that the government is close to making, in line with the recommendations of the Medical Council, a decision to introduce compulsory vaccinations for medical professions, teachers and services. “It will happen in the near future. Let us note that the vaccination rate among doctors is 92 percent, in the army and services 87 percent, for teachers it is estimated that about 80 percent were vaccinated” – said Maliszewski. “MEiN reports that the number of sick leaves was lower on Friday than on the same day in 2019 before the pandemic. This level of vaccinations is very high today” – he argued.


However, he made a reservation that the situation was changing due to a new variant of the coronavirus, omicron. “If it is so contagious, it will be necessary to fully vaccinate key professions. Hence the change in the approach of the minister of health and a stronger and stronger conviction to introduce compulsory vaccinations for selected groups” – explained Maliszewski.

Omicron and the vaccination calendar

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When asked about compulsory vaccinations for the rest of society, the RCA chief said there were legal doubts raised by the Ombudsman. “They have to be solved, but on the other hand, if the omicron were to develop according to the black scenario, you have to change your mind and treat covid vaccines like other vaccines. The minister of health will then have to consider whether to include those for COVID-19 in the vaccination calendar for those most at risk. groups “- added the representative of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister.

According to Maliszewski, the government is also working on implementing the recommendations of the Medical Council regarding covid passports. “It assumes, among other things, that if the level of hospitalization is higher than, for example, 50 per 100,000 (inhabitants – ed.) In the poviat, then we should make restrictions, e.g. use covid passports when entering, for example, cinemas, restaurants Currently, only one or two voivodships are below this indicator. So the recent restrictions were a partial way of implementing this recommendation – in these places no more than 50 percent of places or areas can be used, and if someone is vaccinated, they do not count towards the limit “- he said. head of the Government Analysis Center.

Omikron – a new variant of the coronavirus

The omicron was initially detected in South African countries. According to World Health Organization (WHO) scientific advisor Soumya Swaminathan, the new variant moves very quickly, but people shouldn’t panic about it.

However, the Omikron has already appeared in many countries of the European Union.

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PAP, Dziennik Gazeta Prawna

Main photo source: Wojtek Jargiło / PAP

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