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Coronavirus in Poland. Marcin Jędrychowski and Maria Rotkiel on the government’s strategy of fighting the epidemic and reluctance to vaccinate and wear masks

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The government’s reluctance to introduce restrictions on the unvaccinated and the reluctance to wear masks, which may contribute to the development of the epidemic, experts commented in “Faktach po Faktach” on TVN24. Marcin Jędrychowski, director of the University Hospital in Krakow, said he was against the government’s strategy to fight the epidemic. “With the tools to protect ourselves from the fourth wave, we let it accelerate,” he pointed out. Psychologist Maria Rotkiel spoke about the “fatal logic” of people who do not follow the epidemic rules.

In Saturday’s “Fakty po Faktach” on TVN24, the guests – the director of the Krakow University Hospital, Marcin Jędrychowski, and the psychologist and family therapist Maria Rotkiel – talked about the epidemic situation in Poland.


“I don’t know what really drives the rulers”

Marcin Jędrychowski was asked about the restrictions introduced in other countries for unvaccinated people and why the Polish government did not decide to take such a step. – I absolutely don’t understand. I absolutely do not understand what is happening. I am absolutely against the approach represented by the Polish government, he said.

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– Ladies and gentlemen, we could talk about a certain issue of freedom, a certain issue of self-decision as to whether or not I vaccinate, in a situation where we were dealing with a virus that may be spread from person to person, but not makes us able to infect another person – he said.

He also said that “when the society suffers as a result of an expanding pandemic, additional people die”, and we also have a problem with the economy, education and mental health of children, which is already having a catastrophic result, “then” we should stop wondering long ago over whether and how severe the social unrest will be. ”

He recalled here that, for example, in France and Italy such unrests had occurred, noting that they had died down after “the positive effect of compulsory vaccinations”.

These words were spoken in reference to statements of Prime Minister Mateusz Morawieckiwho argued that the government is not considering a lockdown because it “does not want to go against a very large proportion of the public.” He also argued that various restrictions in Western Europe were “not very effective”.

Prime Minister: we are not considering a lockdownTVN24

– I don’t know what really drives the rulers. I once said these words that the worst thing that can happen is that we won’t learn any lessons and learn our lessons about the pandemic. I can see that we will not do it, it is the worst thing for me – commented on Jędrychowski.

When asked what restrictions he would introduce if he had the opportunity, he replied: – Compulsory vaccinations for workplaces. He noted that “there is nothing to discuss” on this matter.

“I can see the effect on the other side,” he said. – We started to play disastrous roulette. At this point, we are treating people who should be treated a year ago, and a year ago we didn’t, because we were treating covid patients. Now these people, after a year, really have no chance of recovery. Now, with the tools at hand to protect ourselves from the fourth wave, let’s let it accelerate, he explained.

“Unfortunately, this is the fatal logic”

Maria Rotkiel was asked about a different, social resistance to the issue of covering the mouth and nose in public space. She replied that if we understood the problem well, we would find a way. – If someone denies that there is any danger, if someone does not want to vaccinate and thinks it is a conspiracy or a fabrication, then the further consequences are logical. People who do not wear masks do not follow the basic rules, these are the people who declare their disbelief in a state of emergency. This, unfortunately, this fatal logic – admitted.

– I also think that people are simply tired in the world, but that is no excuse – she added.

Rotkiel: people who do not follow the basic rules are those who declare their disbelief in a state of emergency

Rotkiel: people who do not follow the basic rules are those who declare their disbelief in a state of emergencyTVN24

Main photo source: TVN24

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