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Coronavirus in Poland. Michał Sutkowski on the deaths of COVID-19 patients. Appeal to report to the doctor

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Each infection begins in a trivial manner, which does not mean that it will not have serious consequences – warned the president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Michał Sutkowski. This is an appeal to COVID-19 patients who are delaying seeking medical advice. So far, over 33,000 people infected with the coronavirus have died in Poland.

According to Saturday’s data from the Ministry of Health, the research has confirmed 7,412 new cases of coronavirus infection and 369 deaths. Since the beginning of the epidemic, 1,429,612 cases of this disease have been reported in Poland, and over 33,000 people have died because of it.


Sutkowski: every infection begins in a trivial way

The President of Warsaw Family Physicians, Michał Sutkowski, drew attention to three main areas on which the number of deaths related to COVID-19 currently depends. In his opinion, the first is “enormous overload” of the healthcare system. – He’s not punctured like a balloon, but lacerated, gutted. Over the past year, he has had a dramatic fight against the pandemic, especially in the last three months, he said.

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Another problem, according to the doctor, is late reporting of patients to the doctor. – Patients report in the second week (infections – ed.), Usually at the end, they go to the hospital, and we will not save them. If someone reports to a doctor too late, you do not have to have a coronavirus, you can have a heart attack or a stroke and the patient will not be saved – he said. He also pointed out that “every infection starts in a trivial way, which does not mean that it will not have serious consequences”. Sutkowski reminded that more and more new variants of the virus appear, and Poland, probably due to financial constraints, does not do research in this area or does it, but on an incomparably smaller scale than, for example, the British, where, among others, a highly contagious novel mutation of the coronavirus.

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The doctor also pointed to “relaxation” and “disregard”. “As if we can judge for ourselves when it is possible to take off the mask, when to open a store,” he continued. He explained that the number of infections and deaths currently reported is still the aftermath of the post-Christmas and New Year period. – It is about 14-16 days after infection that the number of deaths increases – he explained.

Main photo source: Jakub Kaczmarczyk / PAP

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