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Friday, January 28, 2022

Coronavirus in Poland. Network of “white hospitals” – what is it? Bartosz Arłukowicz comments

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The government made a critical mistake in fighting the pandemic. The first point is the lack of a decision to create a network of “white hospitals” in which we could treat patients suffering from other diseases who have been completely abandoned by the minister of health – Bartosz Arłukowicz, MEP of the Civic Coalition and former health minister, told TVN24. . He added that “the so-called epidemiological investigations in Poland have completely collapsed”.

The Ministry of Health announced on Thursday o 21,045 new cases of coronavirus infection. The ministry also informed about the death of 375 people who were infected with SARS-CoV-2.


MEP of the Civic Coalition, former health minister Bartosz Arłukowicz said on Friday in “One for One” that “the pandemic is galloping”. He judged that no one in Poland, “including the minister of health, has any idea about the true scale of the pandemic” in Poland.

“Critical Error”

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Arlukowicz said the government had made a “critical mistake” in fighting the pandemic.

– These are two points. The first point is the lack of a decision to create a network of “white hospitals” absolutely protected, perhaps with the help of the police and the army, against the virus, so that the medical and nursing staff would be secured, that there would be hospitals in Poland, a dozen, maybe several dozen hospitals in which we could treat patients suffering from other diseases who were completely abandoned by the minister of health – he said.

– Patients with cancer, diabetes, stroke or heart attack – he listed.

– There are no hospitals strictly protected against the virus in order to treat patients who fall ill and die from other diseases – he emphasized.

“This system has collapsed, it is not in Poland today”

Arłukowicz also noted that “the so-called epidemiological investigations in Poland have completely collapsed”.

– We’ve been fighting the virus for a year now. It was possible to build a system supported also by medical students, doctors, nurses and epidemiologists, thanks to which epidemic investigations would be conducted – he said.

He added that it was about detecting infection outbreaks and isolating people who had contact with an infected person.

– This system has collapsed, it is not in Poland today – he said.

– This is the fight against a pandemic, to look for possible virus transmissions, i.e. to look for people who may have come into contact with the virus and test them. Today in Poland we test only people who have symptoms. This condemns us to failure – he assessed.

“It is completely impossible to find any key used by the Minister of Health”

The former minister of health also referred to the decision on introducing additional restrictions in two other voivodeships: Mazowieckie and Lubuskie. This was announced on Thursday by Health Minister Adam Niedzielski.

MEP of the Civic Coalition assessed that “the government’s decisions are chaotic”. He pointed out that on March 10, an ordinance was issued “which introduces a lockdown in the Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship and the Pomeranian Voivodeship”.

– The next day, i.e. yesterday, the minister of health comes out and adds another two voivodeships to this lockdown – Mazowieckie and Lubuskie – he added.

– I analyzed very carefully the rates of increase in the number of infections in these voivodships. In the Lubuskie Voivodeship, between March 10 and 11, the day on which the Minister of Health changed his decisions, the increase was 53 percent. In Mazowieckie voivodship at 44. Despite the day before the ordinance issued by the minister, the minister adds to the lockdown pool. But it does not add, for example, the Lower Silesia Province, where the number of infections increases by 43 percent – said Arłukowicz.

He added that “it is therefore completely impossible to find any key used by the Minister of Health.”

“It is completely impossible to find any key used by the Minister of Health”TVN24

“Minister of health abdicated”

The guest “One for One” referred to the statement of the National Health Fund, which in connection with the development of the COVID-1 epidemic, at the behest of the Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, recommended limiting to the minimum necessary or temporarily suspending the provision of scheduled services. The decision was made to help provide additional hospital beds for patients requiring urgent admission to hospital.

Niedzielski on the recommendation of the National Health Fund: we anticipate that the decision will be revoked within two or three weeksTVN24

Arlukowicz assessed that it was “an unprecedented document, probably on a European scale, in which the health minister says to doctors: stop treating elective patients”.

– In this document, the minister of health advises doctors to: stop treating patients planned in the field of thoracic surgery. These are heavy chest procedures. The minister of health says to doctors: stop carrying out neurosurgical and intracranial procedures – said the MEP. He added that this list also includes procedures aimed at, among other things, kidney removal.

“Unheard of,” he repeated. – The minister says: stop carrying out scheduled bypass surgeries, that is, in people who are at risk of a heart attack and simply death – he continued.

– The minister says: these are my recommendations, stop doing these procedures as planned and, at the same time, he places the responsibility on the doctors – added Arłukowicz.

Arłukowicz: the minister of health abdicatedTVN24

– I worked in a hospital for many years. Please answer me, what does the doctor to whom the patient receives a suspected or threatened infarction feels, to which the patient receives a brain change that must be operated on, and now the minister says: I recommend you, do not operate, but if your responsibility allows it, operate it – the former health minister pointed out.

At the comment of the host of the program, Agata Adamek, that she imagines that the doctor does not listen to this recommendation, if she believes that it is a procedure that saves the patient’s life, Arłukowicz replied that “this is a brutal, ruthless blaming of doctors and hospital directors”.

– These people were left alone in this war. The general raised the white flag, the minister of health abdicated, he assessed.

Main photo source: TVN24

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