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Coronavirus in Poland. New cases of infection and death – August 10

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The Ministry of Health announced on Tuesday about 200 new confirmed cases of coronavirus infection. The ministry said that no one died of COVID-19 in the last 24 hours. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,884,361 infections have been confirmed in Poland, 75,285 people have died due to COVID-19.

Most of the 200 new cases of coronavirus infection were confirmed in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, where 26 infections were recorded.

The remaining infections come from the following voivodeships: Lubelskie (24), Mazowieckie (24), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (16), Pomorskie (16), Podkarpackie (13), Śląskie (12), Zachodniopomorskie (12), Dolnośląskie (10), Warmińsko- Masuria (eight), Świętokrzyskie (seven), Greater Poland (six), Lubuskie (four), Łódzkie (three), Opole (three) and Podlasie (two).

14 infections are data without specifying an address, which are to be completed by the sanitary inspection.

According to the Ministry of Health, no one died last day due to COVID-19. This is the third day in a row when the ministry reports say that no deaths have occurred.

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, 2,884,361 infections have been confirmed in Poland, 75,285 people have died due to COVID-19.

Last Tuesday, the Ministry of Health announced 164 new, confirmed infections. Today’s infection rate is 36 or 22 percent higher. The daily average number of cases, calculated on the basis of data from the past seven days, increased by five on Tuesday to 154. A month ago, on July 10 and 14, it was 78, the lowest since the peak of the third wave. Since then, the average number of infections confirmed every day has increased almost daily and has doubled to date.

Data from hospitals. How many respirators are occupied? How many people recovered?

The epidemic data report published on Tuesday showed that:

6020 beds are intended for patients with COVID-19 (-39 compared to the previous day), – of this 307 beds are occupied by COVID-19 (-6) patients, – 575 ventilators are intended for patients with COVID-19 (-10) – including 48 respirators are currently in use (-2), – 71 771 persons in quarantine (+939 in relation to the previous day). – 2 654 677 people recovered (+53).

Niedzielski: mainly people from the least vaccinated groups become infected

On Monday, health minister Adam Niedzielski shared a chart with data from the last month on Twitter, which “shows that mainly people from the least vaccinated groups are infected.” He added that “infections among people up to 40 years old constitute more than 56 percent of infections. People over 60 years of age – who are the most widely vaccinated group – account for only less than 20 percent of infections” – said the minister.

Fourth wave of the pandemic. Wojciech Andrusiewicz: He is starting to accelerate

The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, said last week in an interview with TVN24 that “the fourth wave (of the COVID-19 epidemic – ed.) Is slowly starting to accelerate”. – We are seeing a 20% increase (in infections – ed.), But there was also a day this week when the increase was 50%. It is also a testimony that the epidemic can accelerate us – he said.

According to Andrusiewicz, the epidemic in Poland “may accelerate if we do not get vaccinated”. He explained that the transmission of the coronavirus “among unvaccinated people is very fast.”

– We predict, in line with all forecasts, that the fourth wave may peak in September, at the turn of September and October. Certainly, the coming weeks will not be slowing down the pandemic, but rather more increases – he said.

MZ spokesman: if we do not vaccinate, we must take into account a wave of 15,000 infections a day at the peakTVN24

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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