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Coronavirus in Poland. New restrictions. “These are half decisions and they are only half made out of fear”

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From December 15, new restrictions enter into force, assuming the reduction of limits in, among others, restaurants, hotels and cinemas. – These are half-decisions and they are only half-taken – for fear of the public opinion – said on TVN24 the president of the Confederation Lewiatan Maciej Witucki, referring to the new restrictions announced by the government. According to the employers’ representative, there are no details in the new occupancy limits in, among others, restaurants or hotels.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Niedzielski, announced on Tuesday that the government would want to introduce mandatory vaccinations for medics, teachers and uniformed services from March 1.

From December 15, they will become effective in Poland new restrictions. They assume a reduction of up to 30 percent of occupancy limits in restaurants, bars, hotels, cinemas and theaters, among others. This limit can only be increased for vaccinated persons, verified by the entrepreneur.

– There is no detail in these limits. This is the most amazing – we have been with the coronavirus for a year and a half and now there are restrictions, as if these were the first restrictions in the history of this pandemic – said Maciej Witucki.

He added that “we do not know on what terms entrepreneurs, the organizers of New Year’s Eve events will check whether people are vaccinated or have undergone tests”.

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Coronavirus in Poland – new restrictions. “These are half decisions”

– At the previous conference, we learned about tendencies, trends and ideas, but it has been already a year and a half. At the time when it is introduced on December 15, we should get very detailed information, regulations on what testing employees means, whether people with the test can enter, how to check it in gastronomic establishments – he said.

According to Maciej Witucki, “these are half-decisions and they are only half-taken – for fear of the public opinion, because anti-vaccine manifestations against such decisions have happened in various European countries and the world.”

– Only today we have 400, 500 people, fatalities of the virus. Politicians still do not have the courage to conclude that methods such as covid passport checking work worldwide and appeal to some mythical opposition gene, he said.

– We expect these decisions to be unambiguous, unambiguously showing us what to do. Today we do not know, we hear that tests in workplaces will be regulated by a regulation that we do not know, the issue of covid passports by an act that we do not know. We have been hearing about this law for several months – he said.

Maciej Witucki: it is only a matter of courage

According to Maciej Witucki, “it is just a matter of courage – we had bills prepared by deputies within 24 hours and voted by the Sejm within 24 hours”.

– I do not understand why such an important thing as vaccination of people on the front lines now have to be prepared for three months in the offices to see it then. I have no explanation other than thinking like: let’s wait until March, maybe it will go to your bones by itself. I hope that these solutions for employers and service companies will be introduced at least by December 15th. These are companies at risk. They are exposed to inspections, and it is not known what will be inspected, he emphasized.

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