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Coronavirus in Poland, Opole. All beds in the temporary hospital are occupied, there is no room for more

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On Friday morning, the temporary hospital in Opole reached its limit of patients in the general part. 136 beds are occupied and – according to the spokeswoman for the facility – it is logistically impossible to add more. The management is also calling for staff help, the hospital is short of manpower.

– In the general part we have all the beds taken. We must have those free in the intensive care part of the hospital for patients whose condition is deteriorating rapidly. Those who are in the general part – says Edyta Hanszke-Lodzińska, spokeswoman for the University Teaching Hospital in Opole.


Translating the words of the hospital spokeswoman into hard numbers: there are currently 136 people in the facility, all beds are occupied. Ultimately, the temporary hospital was prepared to admit 142 patients. This difference is the intensive care buffer mentioned by Hanszke-Lodzińska. The spokeswoman points out that the so-called The red part is already filled with beds and “at the moment” (Saturday, November 27) there is no place to add more beds.

Temporary hospital in Opole TVN24

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Personnel wanted

Lack of space for extra beds is not the only concern of the management of the temporary hospital in Opole. Because someone still has to look after the patients.

– We are constantly looking for staff. We ask for anesthesiology nurses, anaesthesiologists, but also other medical workers, doctors of other specialties, and general nurses to come, ”says Hanszke-Lodzińska.

Recently, up to a dozen people a day were admitted here. Hospitalization lasts from a few to several days, sometimes longer, depending on the patient’s condition. Most of these people are those who have a hard time of COVID-19.

From the beginning of the temporary hospital’s operation, i.e. from December 2020, the facility has admitted a total of nearly 1,100 patients.

26 182 infections on Saturday, 727 in the Opole region

According to the data provided by the Opole voivodeship office, 546 covid beds are available in the region, 400 of which were occupied on Saturday. The number of places with ventilators for COVID-19 patients is 67, but 44 of them were full on Saturday.

The Ministry of Health reported on Saturday at 26 182 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. The ministry also said that 378 people suffering from COVID-19 have died. 727 new infections were recorded in the Opole region.

Main photo source: TVN24

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