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Coronavirus in Poland. Piotr Müller on the vaccination project for workers: it should be completed any day

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The project on the verification of vaccinations of employees should be submitted any day soon – government spokesman Piotr Mueller informed during the press conference. According to the announcement, unvaccinated people will be able to be transferred to other workplaces.

Coronavirus in Poland. The employer will check that the employee is vaccinated

Law and Justice deputies Czesław Hoc and Paweł Rychlik announced on Wednesday that a parliamentary bill would be sent to the Sejm, allowing the employer to verify, whether the worker is vaccinated against COVID-19.

According to the draft regulations, if an employee is not vaccinated, the entrepreneur will be able to reorganize the work, e.g. transfer such an employee to a department where he will not be in contact with customers.

The government spokesman was asked about the further fate of the proposal presented by PiS deputies during Saturday’s briefing. – As far as I know, this draft has already been signed in the parliamentary club, any day it should be submitted to the session of the Sejm – he said.

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The next session of the Sejm, at which the deputies could deal with this project, is scheduled for 1-2 December.

When asked why the bill was not a government bill, but a parliamentary bill, Mueller replied: “We did not want to extend government work anymore, so it was submitted as a parliamentary bill.” – I hope that the opposition will also comment on this issue – he added. – Yesterday, unfortunately, there was no declaration from the largest parliamentary club whether he would support such a project or not – he stressed.


Verification of vaccinations in the workplace. “This is a matter that cannot be solved just like that”

Deputy PiS spokesman Radosław Fogiel admitted in the Saturday program “Breakfast in Trójka” on the Third Program of Polish Radio that the matter was very complicated.

– I know that there are supporters of quick solutions, some say: “absolutely no, because my freedom”, others say: “absolutely yes, because I got vaccinated and I would expect it that way.” This is a matter that cannot be resolved just like that, because it raises issues that are fundamental from the point of view of democracy and civil rights, Fogiel said.

He added that the PiS club is collecting signatures under the bill. – This is a trial. Then the project will go to the marshal’s staff, said Fogiel.

When questioned, he confirmed that the PiS leadership supported the proposed solutions. – The PiS leadership is behind every solution that protects Poles and this will be visible in the vote – assured the MP.

The head of the Ministry of Health, Adam Niedzielski, assessed that the proposed solutions in the project were good. – They are not an attempt to introduce sanitaryism. These solutions are not as far-reaching as in Austria or in other European countries. They are a kind of compromise, the result of different expectations – he said.

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