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Friday, December 3, 2021

Coronavirus in Poland. Poland has admitted three COVID-19 patients

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On Friday, three Romanian patients with COVID-19 came to the airport in Łódź to treat, said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. The head of the Ministry of Health warns that although the pandemic situation in Poland is good compared to other countries in the region, it may get out of control at any time.

– I am in constant contact with the health ministers of the countries in our region. On Wednesday, I had the opportunity to talk to the Minister of Health of Romania, who presented to me the situation at home, where out of 100,000 people they have nearly a thousand infections, and in Poland there are currently 14 infections out of 100,000. On the one hand, it is good that we have a better situation, and on the other, it shows what danger we can face – he said on Friday in an interview for Radio Zet Niedzielski.


Minister of HealthWojciech Olkuśnik / PAP

The head of the Ministry of Health pointed out that in Romania the vaccination level is much lower than in Poland. – On Monday I will talk to the Minister of Health of Lithuania, where the situation is also definitely deteriorating – he admitted.

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– Recently, we had a signal from Latvia about a complete lockdown, so on the one hand the situation here is relatively good compared to other countries, but on the other hand it also shows that the risk is very high – he added.

Poland admitted three Romanian COVID-19 patients

Niedzielski informed that in an interview with the Romanian Minister of Health he was asked to admit patients. – We have just admitted three patients from Romania. They reached Łódź by air transport and are in a serious condition. They are treated intensively in a hospital in Łódź, informed the head of the Ministry of Health.

On Friday evening, the airport in Łódź announced the arrival of Alenia C-27J Spartan belonging to the Romanian Air Force. “It was a medical transport” – reported on Facebook.

Main photo source: Wojciech Olkuśnik / PAP

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