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Coronavirus in Poland. Poles stop wearing masks. The police issue tickets

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Until recently, people without a mask in shops or buses were an exception. Today it is rare for people to cover their mouth and nose in confined spaces. When traveling by public transport or refueling at a station, you get the impression that there is no pandemic. Łukasz Wieczorek checked what it ends and what it may end. Material of the magazine “Polska i Świat”.

Regardless of whether it is a train, a shop or a gas station – you can meet people without masks everywhere. Such views do not leave doctors alone. Professor Marian Zembala emphasizes that the pandemic is not over and it is up to us to defend ourselves against it. The first weapon is vaccinations – the second is masks.


Another wave is approaching. – The Danes are announcing today that it will be the end of August, therefore it will be too late to obtain population immunity. This is the last call for everyone to get vaccinated, and we put on masks with increased vigilance, especially in closed rooms, says the former Minister of Health.

There are signs at every step that resemble the rules in force. You enter a store, train or petrol station – cover your mouth and nose. The case concerns everyone, even the vaccinated. – The vast majority adhere to the principles of the Decalogue, where the basis is do not kill. Do not do anything bad for you, so vaccination, a mask is a requirement not only of decency and time, but above all of reason and prudence – adds prof. Marian Zembala.

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Poles wear masks less and lessTVN24

The police issue tickets for not having a mask

In the shop “Feniks” in Wrocław there is a rule: whoever does not put on the mask will not do the shopping. There are arguments. The police have something to do. – We had a situation where the police demanded information after a month, which the seller did not serve the customer because the customer complained – points out the president of the “Feniks” Department Store in Wrocław, Jerzy Kraśniewski. The case spread to the bones because it was not established who was standing behind the counter.

The police ensure that they constantly issue tickets. On Monday, more than 700 were handed over. The municipal police also know the problem. – When a tram comes to a stop and the officers are standing at that stop, they are visible. Officers act only in uniform, so a person who is on a tram or bus, seeing the officers immediately puts on a mask to avoid consequences, says Sławomir Smyk from the City Guard in Warsaw.

– In a confined space, when someone becomes infected, especially with a virus with a high reproductive rate, it will of course continue to transmit this infection and this is how each pandemic arises – explains the president of Warsaw Family Physicians, Dr. Michał Sutkowski.

According to the current rules, the mouth and nose must be covered, inter alia, in public transport, in shops, at fairs, in the cinema or church. It is also always necessary to keep a distance of one and a half meters among other pedestrians.

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