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Coronavirus in Poland. Prof. Andrzej Matyja: we adopted the Swedish variant, which means let’s do nothing and accept excessive mortality

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Poland is not a green island – said Professor Andrzej Matyja, president of the Supreme Medical Council, on TVN24, commenting on the epidemic situation in Poland. In his opinion, “we adopted the Swedish variant” which means: “let’s do nothing”. – Many European countries give us an example of how to fight a pandemic. Unfortunately, the rulers here, I have the impression, got scared of organized anti-vaccination movements – he said.

24,882 new coronavirus infections were reported on Thursday. This is the highest figure in this wave of the pandemic. 370 people from COVID-19 have died.

The epidemic situation in Poland was commented on by prof. Andrzej Matyja, president of the Supreme Medical Council.


Matyja: The rulers got scared of organized anti-vaccination movements

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– Widespread vaccinations, wearing face masks, keeping distances, quarantine contacts. These are the elements that allow us to win against the pandemic, and we are not actually adhering to any of those elements, he said.

As he pointed out, “many European countries are giving us an example of how to fight a pandemic.” – In our country, unfortunately, the rulers, I have the impression, were frightened by organized anti-vaccination movements, something that could be harmful to the health of the population. They were scared of movements that could lead to a tragedy, an increase in morbidity and deaths in our country – said the professor.

Matyja: We adopted the Swedish variant

Matyja emphasized that Poland “is not a green island”. – I have the impression that we have adopted the variant of winning against the pandemic, the Swedish variant: let’s do nothing and accept this excessive mortality in our hospitals – he assessed.

As he said, “it is the duty of every medic, every doctor to fight for every human being”. – We only hear that there will be no shortage of beds. And it might work. There will be plenty of beds. We just need to be aware that the number of beds is limited. If we increase the number of beds for COVID-19 patients, these beds for seriously ill patients are automatically missing for other reasons. We are already seeing admissions restrictions, unavailability, postponing scheduled procedures in various parts of the country. All this will lead to excessive deaths that are already occurring, and the culmination of these deaths will be somewhere in two to three weeks, some people say 10-14 days – emphasized the president of the Supreme Medical Council.

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