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Coronavirus in Poland, province. Lodzkie: nearly a thousand patients in hospitals, the local government is asking about a temporary hospital

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In the Lodzkie Voivodship, 995 patients with COVID-19 require hospitalization. In order for them to be treated, new infectious wards are being opened in other facilities. This, in turn, means that the number of beds for patients with other diseases who also require hospitalization is rapidly shrinking. The authorities of Łódź are asking why the voivode has not decided to open a temporary hospital so far.

More Polish cities report that temporary hospitals have restored work. However, this is not the case in Łódź – the Expo hall, where COVID-19 patients were treated, is still closed. The deputy mayor of Łódź, Adam Wieczorek, criticizes the government and the voivode, which has not yet made a decision to open a temporary hospital.

– Equipment in the temporary hospital becomes dusty, and during this time more wards in other facilities are disappearing. It is clear that the government has no strategy for the fourth wave of infections – says the vice president in front of the TVN24 camera.

The Łódź Voivode replies that there is no such need for the time being.


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– He informed the city authorities that the situation was constantly monitored and appropriate decisions would be taken if necessary – reports Piotr Borowski, TVN24 reporter dealing with the case.

The question of vaccinations

Ministry of Health announced on Thursday about 19,074 new ones cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection. 17,830 beds have been prepared for patients throughout the country, of which 12,030 are currently occupied.

Experts point out that the growing problem in hospitals is related to the low number of vaccinated people. Professor Anna Piekarska is the head of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Medical University of Lodz, which includes two clinics at the Bieganski Hospital. During the conversation with TVN24, he emphasizes that the situation is difficult. – Dozens of patients get discharge, dozens of patients come to us. The turnover is huge, there is a lot of work – he says.

He does not hide his emotions because – as he points out – the situation from previous pandemic waves did not have to repeat itself:

– The absolute majority of patients admitted are unvaccinated. If these were vaccinated people, we would have ten percent of the work we currently have – emphasizes prof. Anna Piekarska.

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