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Coronavirus in Poland – quarantine. Scammers texting, warning

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Fraudsters take advantage of the pandemic and send fake SMS messages about being sent to quarantine. We receive numerous signals on this matter at Contact 24. The link provided in the message leads to a website containing malware, which may ultimately allow criminals to access our online banking.

On Contact 24 we have received numerous signals about messages sent from a number signed as “Quarantine”. There is a link in the message and false information about a referral to a 10-day quarantine.

Such a text message was received, among others, by Aleksandra. – I got the message today after 6pm. I’ve been quarantined before and I know someone should call me about it. I entered my trusted profile and there is indeed no quarantine information. I followed this link – it refers me to the Google Play Store, it’s a virus. I tried to call the hotline of the trusted profile and inform them about this, but to no avail. My friends also received such messages. So far I know about three people. I posted a post on Facebook to warn others, she said.

– After a few attempts, I called the National Health Fund. The gentleman who answered said he had been receiving similar reports for three hours now, so I’m not the only one. He said he had received a recommendation to report it as a system error, she added.

An internet user with the nickname mcw3810 received a similar SMS. – I got a fake quarantine referral. At the link, they encourage you to update Flash. The worst thing is that the SMS came from a number that really puts people into quarantine, he wrote.

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Ms Monika also received the message. – Today, from the “Quarantine” number used by the Department of Health Services to send information about COVID-19, text messages were sent to various people about quarantine, along with a link (I and other members of my family received a text message). After verification on IKP, there is no quarantine message, and the suspicious link leads to a non-existent page, so it is an obvious attempt to hack the phone – the woman warned.

Quarantine – SMS alert from fraudsters

The Chief Sanitary Inspector posted a warning against a new campaign of fraudsters. “This is an attempt to obtain personal data. Please do not open the link indicated in the message” – emphasized GIS in the post on Twitter.

Included with the information was the text of SMS messages from fraudsters. “You were sent to undergo a 10-day quarantine due to an infection in your immediate vicinity” – we read in the body of the message (original spelling). The SMS comes with a link to a page where you can allegedly get more information on the matter.

The warning was also posted by the cybersecurity team at the Polish Financial Supervision Authority (CSIRT KNF). “The link you send will take you to a site that has malware that can steal your online banking passwords. Don’t be fooled!” – indicated.

The Government Plenipotentiary for Cybersecurity Janusz Cieszyński said that “the link to the malicious application has already been blocked by mobile networks”.


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