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Coronavirus in Poland. Rehabilitation and reports of convalescents and an appeal for vaccination against COVID-19

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Some refused to vaccinate, others did not make it. After passing COVID-19, they fight to regain full strength during rehabilitation at the Małopolska Hospital of Lung Diseases and Rehabilitation. Edmund Wojtyła in Jaroszowiec. And they urge others to take care of prevention, sharing their own – often shocking – experiences.

Mr. Bogdan himself says that he is the “unfaithful Thomas” of vaccinations. He didn’t want to get vaccinated until he got sick himself. At the beginning, he hoped to heal himself with the help of dietary supplements and generally available medications. Did not help.

– I called the health center, but it was all done remotely. I was prescribed some antibiotics, I downloaded it by Friday, but nothing was going well. I called POZ, because it was Friday evening, you changed my antibiotic there, and my wife went to buy it right away, the man relates.

The new antibiotic didn’t help either. Two days later, shortness of breath appeared. – We called an ambulance, they came and they immediately took a swab. Turns out I have covid. I was given an injection and you asked if I was going to the hospital – says Mr Bogdan.

On the advice of his wife, the patient went to the hospital, where he was connected to oxygen. – I was lying on contagious for a week, then it started to deteriorate more and more, I was losing my breath. I was in the ICU for two weeks, I was so half-alive a week – our interlocutor relates.

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Now Mr. Bogdan is waiting for the vaccine. However, not everyone learns from their mistakes. – I have a friend who suffered covid and said that he would not get vaccinated – says the man. As he adds, not everyone believes in his experiences and it is difficult to convince them.

– I did not believe in the past either, but now I believed. I saw my friend die next to me, 50 years old. I believed. You could say that I was such an unfaithful Tomasz – he admits.


“The sons said they were to save me”

Renata also undergoes rehabilitation after COVID-19. She and her husband did not manage to get vaccinated – the woman fell ill two days before the scheduled date.

– I was sick for a week at home, 40 degrees fever. In the end, I called an ambulance – he recalls. The medics took her to the hospital.

Je’s husband also fell ill, but decided to seek treatment at home. According to Renata’s account, the man had no fever, only shortness of breath. – Then the sons persuaded my husband to go, however, that in the hospital they would help him more. But when he agreed, it was too late. He died. Even his lungs were not as much affected as I was, because I had over 80 percent, and my husband 60 percent. In the evening, my sons talked to my husband, and he died in the morning, says the woman.

Her condition also continued to deteriorate. – I was called from the hospital to come and say goodbye, because I was dying too, but my sons said they were to save me. And so it happened that they saved me – says Mrs. Renata.

Ms Renata fell ill two days before receiving the vaccine3.12 | TVN24

More than 85,000 deaths since the start of the pandemic

Laboratory tests confirmed coronavirus infection in 26,965 more people. 470 COVID-19 patients have died. – the Ministry of Health reported on Friday. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,623,452 infections have been confirmed in Poland, 85,126 infected have died.

New cases of infections come from the following voivodeships: Śląskie (3849), Mazowieckie (3731), Wielkopolskie (2781), Dolnośląskie (2396), Małopolskie (2236), Pomeranian (1553), Łódzkie (1461), West Pomeranian (1386), Kujawsko-Pomorskie (1318), Podkarpacie (1050), Lublin (1022), Warmian-Masurian (1017), Opole (947), Lubuskie (874), Świętokrzyskie (601) and Podlasie (563).

The ministry said 180 information about infections did not include the address. The data will be supplemented by the sanitary inspection.

The ministry also informed that 127 people died of COVID-19, and 343 patients died due to the coexistence of COVID-19 with other diseases.

In total, since March 4 last year, when the first SARS-CoV-2 infection was detected in Poland, 3,623,452 cases were confirmed. 85,126 people from COVID-19 have died.

Main photo source: TVN24

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