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Coronavirus in Poland. The authorities of the University of Gdańsk are preparing for the academic year overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic

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Students will only be able to share a dorm room with people vaccinated against COVID-19, but they must notify them in advance. In turn, the classes will be held in hybrid mode. These are the first decisions of the University of Gdańsk regarding the new academic year. The university authorities are getting ready for the fourth wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The universities in Gdańsk are already making the first decisions about how – in the shadow of the fourth wave of the COVID-19 disease pandemic – the new academic year will look like. Although the final rules will be announced in September, it is already known that the first semester at the University of Gdańsk will be held in a mixed mode.

– We were thinking about the safest way to start the academic year, we made a decision on a mixed mode, at least at the beginning it will be like that – says prof. Arnold Kłonczyński, professor at the University of Gdańsk and vice-rector for students and quality of education. – Some classes will be held in a stationary way, some classes – especially the practice and workshop – they must take place in the university building, otherwise this learning will not be at the right level – he explains.


What is new, in turn, is the method of admission to the student dormitories at the University of Gdańsk. There will be no restrictions on allocating places, but – as Kłonczyński says – students will be able to decide whether they want to share a room only with vaccinated people. Before that, however, they must write an e-mail with the request.

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– 16 months of the pandemic made our thinking very flexible, but such main directions must be indicated – added the professor.

UG professor about the new academic year6..08 | The universities in Gdańsk will make the final decisions in September, but they are already announcing that the next semester will be held in a mixed mode. Online lectures, and practical classes, if conditions permit, stationaryTVN24

The students will learn the details in September

When making decisions regarding the functioning of the university, the university authorities follow the guidelines of the Ministry of Education and Science, the Chief Sanitary Inspectorate and the epidemic situation in the country. Detailed rules will be released in September with the end of recruitment and preparation of lesson plans.

Sanitary rules will continue to apply, such as limiting the number of people in common areas, receiving guests and providing disinfectants.

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