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Coronavirus in Poland. The employer will check vaccinations – Artur Dziambor assesses the draft of a group of PiS deputies

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Soon, the employer will be able to check whether the employee is vaccinated against COVID-19. If he does not show the certificate, he may be transferred to a department where he will not have contact with clients. The Law and Justice MPs announced the submission of a draft in this matter at Wednesday’s press conference. The end of their briefing was interrupted by Artur Dziambor from the Confederation. – You want to introduce a law that is absolutely the most disgusting form of sanitary segregation imaginable – assessed Dziambor.

Law and Justice MPs Czesław Hoc and Paweł Rychlik announced during a press conference on Wednesday that a group of Law and Justice MPs would announce that a bill allowing the employer to check whether an employee is vaccinated.

The preparation of such a project was announced several months ago, among others, by Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski. – This project was prepared in the Ministry of Health, it was consulted in inter-ministerial consultations, it is to be sent to the meeting of the Council of Ministers – Wojciech Andrusiewicz, the spokesman for the health ministry, said in an interview with TVN24 at the beginning of November.

Ultimately, however, the draft law on this matter did not reach the Sejm.

Hoc was asked by journalists why the bill on this matter was of a parliamentary rather than governmental nature. – There is such pressure from entrepreneurs in relation to my parliamentary office. Secondly, we, as doctors and pharmacists, see a special necessity to do so, and the time has come, explained Czesław Hoc. – Do not blame us for wanting good and anticipating the future – he added.

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– It is generally the voice of the social side and this is our answer – echoed Paweł Rychlik who was present at the press conference.

Czesław Hoc was also asked why the government bill ultimately missed the meeting of the Council of Ministers. – I am the proposer of a group of Members, we are submitting such a proposal. Please settle any issues with the government, the government spokesman or the spokesman of the Ministry of Health, replied the MP.


In addition, Hoc was asked by journalists what if the employee did not show the covid certificate. – We oblige to submit such a certificate, he will not want to, he will be treated as if he does not have such a certificate and will not bear any consequences of the type of remuneration, change of place of work, but he will be removed from direct contact with clients – he explained.

He also assured that the project was not aimed at sanitary segregation. – We are not dealing with any sanitary segregation, no selection. Please understand carefully the intentions, we give instruments to entrepreneurs and we care about public health – emphasized the PiS MP.

In addition, the project is to assume that if the company proves a certificate that the entire company, all employees are vaccinated, it will receive a special privilege – it will not be subject to any restrictions. – The privilege is that if the restaurateur proves that all employees are vaccinated and all those who will enter, for example, a wedding, then there will be no limit. It is simple. Everyone has a free choice – they can attend the wedding reception while being vaccinated, or they may not attend. It is his choice – pointed out Hoc.

Coronavirus in Poland. Vaccinations checked at the workplace – Artur Dziambor comments

The press conference of PiS deputies was supposed to end, but Artur Dziambor from the Confederation unexpectedly appeared at it, clearly outraged by the project.

– You want to introduce a law that is absolutely the most disgusting form of sanitary segregation imaginable. We heard from the doctor (Czesław Hoc – ed.) That if someone is vaccinated, they will have the right to participate in the wedding party, and if they are not vaccinated, they will have the right not to participate. You’re talking nonsense. (…) But you are disgusting (…) – said Dziambor, addressing his words to PiS deputies.

– Mr. Deputy, we will discuss this in parliamentary committees – replied Rychlik.

Rychlik encouraged Dziambor to participate in the work on the bill in parliamentary committees. In turn, Hoc asked Dziambor to put on a mask. Dziambor explained that he was exempt from wearing it “due to illness” and that the mask “does not give anything at all”.

– I am extremely indignant at what you came up with. It is simply a disgrace, concluded Dziambor.

Main photo source: TVN24

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