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Coronavirus in Poland. The employer will check whether the employee has been vaccinated. Deputy Prime Minister: I’m in favor

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I am in favor of introducing vaccination verification in the workplace – said Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture Henryk Kowalczyk on TVN24. However, he made a reservation that the security of employees’ personal data should be taken care of. The head of the Ministry of Agriculture also referred to the compensation for the increase in energy prices.

– If we secure it so that data and information (about employees – ed.) Do not leak, then I am for – said Kowalczyk about the draft law enabling the employer to check whether an employee is vaccinated.

– Employers can regulate employees well – send vaccinated people to contact with clients, and move the unvaccinated to another place, so that they do not lose, but that it is safer and that COVID does not spread – he said.

Compensation for rising electricity prices

Henryk Kowalczyk was also asked how many villagers would get subsidies for electricity bills.

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– I do not know. It will depend on their wealth, because this is the fitting. It is estimated that it may be about three million people, it all depends on income and wealth – he said.

He added that the criterion would be “how much someone earns”.

– If the price of electricity affects a large loss in its budget, it will receive partial compensation, i.e. the so-called anti-inflationary shield caused by the increase in energy prices – he said.


He announced that the compensation will be paid from 1 January. – But they can also be introduced in February, March with effect from January 1. As for the delay, it would be (possibly a matter of – ed.) A few weeks – he added.

Marcin Zaborski pointed out that if we reduced the VAT rate on electricity, we would all pay smaller bills. The journalist asked why such a solution could not come into force.

– Because we could all benefit, and it would be good for those who need it the most. If we are helping, we are helping the poorest – said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Agriculture.

Inflation and wage growth

Henryk Kowalczyk also referred to salaries in the budget. Marcin Zaborski asked if the increase in wages there was higher than inflation.

– Not in the last year. However, the fitting is such that the budgetary sphere will receive 6 percent. pay rises at the turn of the year. This is less than inflation, but it is not known how much it will be next year. I hope it will be smaller – he said.

– President Glapiński has a dilemma and I understand it. Each increase in interest rates, because this is the only way to regulate inflation, slows down the economy. I think that this economic growth after the pandemic causes inflation, and this is not only a phenomenon in Poland, Europe, and the entire European Union, inflation is already over 4%. – added.

– The fact is that choking inflation through interest rates can return the economy. I would be afraid of such radical solutions. I remember the 1990s, when Balcerowicz suppressed inflation by destroying the economy. Unemployment is very low at the moment and it is this great merit that we obviously have wage pressure in Poland, this is the fact that there is an inflationary thing, energy prices are completely independent of us, these few things overlap. It is important that wages rise faster than the inflationary one. Let us not only talk about the budgetary sphere, but about all earnings – he said.

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