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Coronavirus in Poland. There were more COVID-19 patients in Bolesławiec than there were beds. Unvaccinated patient: I don’t want it a second time

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101 patients on 90 covid beds – this was the situation in the hospital in Bolesławiec in Lower Silesia on Tuesday. The number of patients is growing rapidly, as the director of the facility admits, 70 percent are unvaccinated patients. A TVN24 reporter spoke to one of them. – Now I would get vaccinated. After what I’ve been through, I don’t want it a second time, the patient admits.

The disturbing situation in the facility in Bolesławiec surprised the local staff a bit. Doctors did not expect such a large increase in COVID-19 patients. Since Wednesday, the number of beds has increased – 30 have been added, and another 30 will be operational from next week. Ultimately, the hospital wants to create 160 covid beds.

Extra beds are not only furniture. This is followed by the equipment and, most importantly, the people who have to devote their time to work at the expense of patients from the internal ward and neurology.


Unvaccinated patient: I don’t want it a second time

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Kamil Barczyk, the hospital director, explains that the vast majority of covid patients are unvaccinated people, which are a growing problem for the facility.

– 70% of unvaccinated people come to us. These people are the greatest burden for us. Their course is very difficult, it is these people who stay under the ventilator the longest and have the longest hospitalization period, reaching two weeks, if not longer. Although vaccinated people require oxygen therapy, these are short hospitalization times and stays of several days, explains Kamil Barczyk, director of the hospital.

The hospital staff allowed our reporter – with adequate security – to enter the ward. There, he managed to talk to a man who – as he himself says – neglected the issue of immunization and kept postponing it. He did not make it in time, the coronavirus caught him first.

– At first I thought it was the flu. Later my breathing started to get worse. Plus losing taste and smell. Unfortunately, I am not vaccinated. I will not invent, work-home, work-home and so it went on. Now I think I would get vaccinated. After what I’ve been through, I don’t want it a second time – admits Mr. Rafał.

The unvaccinated patient told about his caseTVN24 Wrocław

Main photo source: TVN24 Wrocław

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