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Thursday, October 28, 2021

Coronavirus in Poland – today. The latest data on infections was provided by a spokesman for the Ministry of Health

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Less than two thousand infections with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus were recorded on Friday morning – said the spokesman of the Ministry of Health Wojciech Andrusiewicz, talking about epidemic data from the last 24 hours. He noted that the situation in the Lublin region is constantly disturbing. – 20 percent of today’s results come from the Lublin region and – unfortunately – a third of the deaths as well – he said.

Wojciech Andrusiewicz was asked about Friday’s data on coronavirus infections in “Onet morning”. – I do not want to reveal the details, but it will certainly be less than yesterday, below two thousand infections. Unfortunately, the situation in the Lublin region is still disturbing. 20 percent of today’s results come from the Lublin region and – unfortunately – one third of today’s deaths also come from the Lublin region – he said. A spokesman for the health ministry added that Friday’s results “are no longer 60 or 70 percent, as it was week-to-week yesterday, but within 40 percent (week-to-week increase in infections – ed.).


– As the fourth wave of the epidemic unfolds – unfortunately it is a logical thing – the number of deaths increases for people who have failed to cope. This is all the more worrying as people are hospitalized in a serious condition. The first coronavirus test is done in an ambulance, not ordered by the health care center, not at the drive-thru point, is in the ambulance and often a person from the ambulance, and unfortunately sometimes even entire families, are immediately under a respirator. Today we have around 30 deaths, he said.

Vaccinations against COVID-19

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When asked how to encourage people to vaccinate, Andrusiewicz pointed out that in France “after a brief acceleration in the vaccination program, after France announced that the restrictions would only affect the unvaccinated, there has been a weakening again.”

– We can see that this saturation, which is shaped in different countries in the range of vaccinations from 50 to 70-80 percent, is not increasing at the moment. We have a slight acceleration after the holidays. You can see that people have resumed their normal duties and some people are getting vaccinated. However, a few more children are vaccinated. We already have more than 30 percent of vaccinated children aged 12-17, but what doctors say – in fact, can encourage vaccination, unfortunately, often only a family drama – he said.

MZ spokesman on the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine

Asked when the third dose of the vaccine will be available to everyone, the spokesman of the Ministry of Health reminded that “we start by vaccinating people who were in risk groups and in group zero during the vaccination process”.

– We remember the last indication of the European Medicines Agency, which said there is no reason to vaccinate with the third dose, and pharmaceutical companies, both Pfizer and Moderna and Johnson & Johnson – say that half a year is definitely the period when vaccination is very effective, so we start with those people who got vaccinated six months ago and earlier – he explained.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Health was informed about 2007 new coronavirus infections. 29 people from COVID-19 have died. A week earlier, on September 30, the ministry informed about 1,208 new infections, and two weeks earlier, on September 23, about 974 new infections.

Main photo source: Leszek Szymański / PAP

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