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Coronavirus in Poland – vaccination with the fourth dose. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health comments

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The spokesman of the Ministry of Health, Wojciech Andrusiewicz, informed that there are no indications to administer the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. At the same time, he added that “if the number of infections starts to accelerate, such a decision will have to be taken.”

European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) and European Medicines Agency (EMA) recommended on Monday that a second booster dose of Covid-19 vaccines be considered for people aged 60 to 79 years and for people with conditions that put them at high risk of developing severe disease.

“With Europe now experiencing a new wave, with admissions to hospitals and intensive care units (ICU) increasing, it is very important that public health authorities now consider those aged 60 to 79, as well as people of all ages are sensitive to the second booster dose, and can be given at least four months after the previous booster, with particular attention to those who received the previous booster dose more than 6 months ago, ‘ECDC reported.

“With cases and hospitalizations increasing again as we enter the summer period, I encourage everyone to get vaccinated as soon as possible, including a booster dose. There is no time to waste. I urge Member States to immediately introduce second booster doses for all age groups. over 60, and for all vulnerable people, and I call on everyone to get vaccinated. In this way, we protect ourselves, our relatives and our vulnerable populations, “said Stella Kyriakides, European Commissioner for Health and Food Safety, quoted by ECDC .

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A spokesman for the Ministry of Health on the fourth dose

Spokesman health department Wojciech Andrusiewicz was asked during the Monday press conference, incl. about when decisions are made to vaccinate with the fourth dose against coronavirus in Poland.

– We know that in Poland, the fourth dose of vaccination covers the population from the age of 80. It is recommended that this fourth dose should be given to people from 60 years of age. Only now, from the age of 60, this dose will be administered by those countries where this wave of infections is at its peak or is approaching its peak “- said Andrusiewicz.

He added that “Poland is in a slightly different situation than GermanyFrance or Italy“where the peak of the incidence is expected in the near future.” And indeed these countries will implement it, added the spokesman of the Ministry of Health.

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Andrusiewicz: we are waiting for an omicron-targeted vaccine

Andrusiewicz noted that Poland now “has no reason to introduce the recommendations of the fourth dose”.

– We are waiting for both major vaccine manufacturers to release an omicron-targeted vaccine in September. We have assurance that both Pfizer and Moderna should already have vaccines targeting omicrons. Then we will probably issue recommendations regarding vaccination with the second booster, i.e. the fourth dose – he said.

Andrusiewicz: at the moment there is no reason to introduce the recommendations of the fourth dose of the COVID-19 vaccineTVN24

The spokesman made a reservation that if the infections “suddenly began to accelerate in some unbelievable way, we would of course also have to make such decisions.” – But as of today, this optimistic to neutral variant is being implemented. We do not see the implementation of the pessimistic variant in which we would see a drastic increase in the number of hospitalized people – he emphasized.

– In September, if there are any vaccines targeting omicrons, then there will be a recommendation. If the situation changed earlier – I am talking about the deterioration of the situation – there will definitely be a recommendation for the second booster. At the moment, there are no such indications – said Andrusiewicz.

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