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Coronavirus in Poland. Vaccinations against COVID-19. Third dose. Recommendation of the Medical Council on additional vaccinations

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The Minister of Health, Adam Niedzielski, told RMF FM that the Medical Council recommends administering the third dose of the vaccine to the most vulnerable groups. He also estimated that we already have the fourth wave of infections in Poland. – Now we will primarily observe whether this number of infections translates into hospitalization – he said.

Health Minister Adam Niedzielski informed RMF FM on Thursday that the Medical Council recommends giving the third dose of the vaccine to the most vulnerable groups. – There is no research all the time that would show an increase in effectiveness, i.e. a certain added value resulting from the collision with new mutations of the virus. Until studies show that the third dose, which probably would have to be modified without being a simple repetition, will be better than at present to protect against new mutations, it can be said that the added value of such an operation is very small – said the minister.

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Niedzielski added that the cost of the third dose operation “is huge”. – I am not talking only about expenses, but about the entire logistics, about undertaking a certain debate and convincing people who, after all, have doubts – he said.

– I am trying to balance how much is the added value for public health and how much is in the interest of pharmaceutical companies willing to sell more – he added.

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Niedzielski: we already have the fourth wave

Speaking of vaccinations, he pointed out that “we are in a completely different reality than we were during the third wave.” – We have a defense tool in the form of vaccinations. Whoever does not take up this tool makes a choice that is a threat to him and his environment – he added.

– If we start to define the wave from the very bottom, i.e. the minimum that was reached after the third wave, then we actually have the fourth wave. We recorded the lowest levels of infections 3-4 weeks ago. Back then, the seven-day average was below 100. At the moment, she is already permanently above 100, and is actually approaching 200. This fourth wave is actually going. We have more and more infections, but we are in this, I would say, quite comfortable situation all the time – he said.

He noted that “it is not only the number of infections that matters”. – Now we will primarily observe whether this number of infections translates into hospitalization – he said. He added that we can see that in the UK and Spain, for example, “we have very large increases in infections, but they do not translate into hospitalization, and especially deaths.” – This is a boon from vaccinations – emphasized the minister.

When asked if he was worried about the “vaccine war” more than infection, he replied “definitely yes.” – She has far-reaching consequences. If we say that vaccinations will protect us from hospitalizations, from deaths, then not using this shield, this only weapon, or simply causing various behaviors to prevent these vaccinations from going so dynamically or simply not achieving their goal any longer. the object of worry – explained the minister. He added that “the consequence of this will be all other situations that could possibly be related to the economy, hospitals, and so on.”

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What about restrictions?

The head of the Ministry of Health emphasized that people who get vaccinated cannot bear the full cost and consequences of the actions of those who are not vaccinated and have made a decision that is not good for the general public.

Regarding the restrictions, Niedzielski explained that the ECDC and the CDC, “i.e. European and American institutions responsible for sanitary activities,” stated that in the case of Poland, the level of infections at which sanitary services are able to effectively control all new outbreaks is roughly at the level of 1000 cases a day. – Therefore, up to 1000 cases it makes no sense to fight the pandemic with restrictions. Until then, such decisions will certainly not be made – he announced.

Main photo source: PAP / Paweł Supernak

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