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Coronavirus in Poland. Vaccinations for COVID-19 and the flu. Can you combine? The doctor explains

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There are more and more cases of coronavirus in Poland. At the same time, Poles’ interest in vaccination against COVID-19 is declining. Cardiologist professor Krzysztof Jerzy Filipiak encouraged to get vaccinated against this disease, as well as against influenza and pneumococcus. He also warned about complications that may arise after contracting COVID-19. – The only weapon is to avoid contamination. Vaccines are the only weapon – he said.

Professor Krzysztof Jerzy Filipiak, cardiologist and rector of the Medical University of Maria Skłodowskiej-Curie in Warsaw, he was asked about complications that may arise after contracting COVID-19. – In addition to acute disease, we are talking about the so-called COVID post syndromes. There are various post-COVID syndromes, a whole group of diseases, ailments that appear approximately 3-4 weeks after the disease, even asymptomatic – he explained.


– In addition, there is also the concept of long COVID. This, in turn, is a group of diseases, ailments that we usually diagnose 3 months after the disease and longer. Since we don’t have any good drugs against COVID-19, the only weapon against getting COVID and long COVID is to avoid contamination. Vaccines are the only weapons, he pointed out.

When asked about cardiological complications, the professor mentioned that these are “both thromboembolic complications, it may be dysregulation of arterial hypertension, it may be tachycardia, i.e. an increase in heart rate, these may be new cases of heart failure, it may be damage to the heart muscle after COVID-19 in the acute phase “. – These are very often patients who develop pulmonary hypertension. These are patients who have very common paroxysmal atrial fibrillation. I see such people more and more often in cardiology clinics. This usually applies to the 3-4 week after COVID. We have more and more such people. We say maybe 10 percent of those who have the disease have covid syndromes, he explained.

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Coronavirus Vaccination and Flu Vaccination

Professor Krzysztof Jerzy Filipiak published photos on the Internet in which he was taking a booster dose of coronavirus vaccines and a flu vaccine on the same day. – We used to say that when giving two vaccines, we should rather keep an interval of, for example, 14 days. But we used to say it back when we talked about old types of vaccines. (…) This technology, i.e. the technology based on mRNA, does not require it – he explained on TVN24.

The professor noted that after posting vaccination photos on social media, he faced hate speech in the comments. – Someone suggested that my third arm should grow, so I would have room for the third vaccine. And even this idea appealed to me, because in the pandemic season, in addition to the annual flu vaccination, in addition to the third dose, (…) experts recommend vaccination against pneumococci – he added

– Imagine if you have a cold disease, it is very difficult to clinically distinguish flu from COVID without a test. Therefore, by vaccinating against COVID and flu, you reduce logistical problems, he noted. As he added, “we must not forget about influenza, and in times of the COVID-19 pandemic, it is worth remembering about these two vaccinations, and for the elderly, also about pneumococcal vaccination.”

Research by British scientists

It is safe for the patient to administer the COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer or AstraZeneca during the same visit as the injection of the flu vaccine, the Guardian wrote, based on a study by British scientists.

Blood analyzes showed that giving two injections of vaccines one day, each in a different arm, did not appear to adversely affect the immune response achieved after taking these substances, according to preliminary, unexamined study results from scientists at the University of Bristol.

679 people participated in a clinical trial of responses to two vaccines administered one after the other. It was the first such study in the world. About three-quarters of the test subjects complained of mild to moderate side effects after taking the injections. They were mainly headaches, muscle aches and fatigue. These side effects were reported with equal frequency by both those who received the two vaccines and those who received the COVID-19 preparation and the placebo. 97 percent of the respondents admitted that in the future they would also be willing to take two vaccines during one visit.

A scientific committee advising UK authorities on immunization issues has previously recommended that the administration of a third dose of the COVID-19 vaccine should be combined with an injection of flu protection. The findings of the Bristol scientists only support this recommendation, notes The Guardian.

Professor Filipiak on anti-vaccination movements

The professor was also asked about the anti-vaccination movement in Poland. – We made a huge mistake in Poland that the national vaccination program did not include an educational module. I haven’t seen an organized campaign to fight anti-vaccination movements, he noted.

He quoted one of the American virologists who said that “in times of a pandemic, any person who has not been vaccinated is a potential factory for new mutations.” – When someone asks us the question how the pandemic will end, when it will end, how long do we have to vaccinate, I always answer that it depends on those who have not been vaccinated yet. They are working to prolong the pandemic. They are working on increasing the transmission of the virus, creating new mutants, new strains, and that we have to constantly take booster doses, he noted.

“ It’s up to them and that’s why we must actively urge everyone to vaccinate against COVID-19, ” he added.

Referring to the remark that fewer and fewer people apply measures to prevent the development of the coronavirus, the TVN24 guest pointed out that “today we have forgotten all this a bit”. “Probably because we had this summer vacation a little bit virus free. Probably because this virus is making a comeback not as dynamically as it was last year, which is due to the fact that the virus is more virulent this year, but we also have 51 percent of those vaccinated. There was no vaccine last year. This vaccine already protects us a little. The largest number of new cases per a given population is in voivodeships with the least vaccinated areas, he said.

Professor Filipiak was vaccinated against COVID-19 and flu on the same dayTVN24

Main photo source: CAROLINE BREHMAN / PAP / EPA

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