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Coronavirus in Poland. Will there be pandemic restrictions and restrictions? Health Minister Adam Niedzielski explains

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In Poland, there is currently one of the highest R indicators since the beginning of the pandemic, determining the scale of coronavirus reproduction – said Minister of Health Adam Niedzielski at a press conference on Friday. He noted that there are currently about 450 patients in hospitals. – We have assumed on a working basis that no restrictive steps will be taken for less than five thousand hospitalizations nationwide.

Minister Niedzielski said at a press conference organized on Friday that the number of infections is rapidly increasing in Poland. At the same time, he noted that there is now an infection in the country coronavirus people with symptoms of the disease are examined. The departure from the research of universal testing is related to the fact that – as he assessed – the country has a high level of immunization, i.e. resistance in society to coronavirus infection. This form of testing the degree of infections is also indicated by the World Health Organization, as noted by the minister.

– Thanks to the research carried out at the turn of April and May, we know that the representative group of Poles who have been vaccinated or infected is 90 percent – said the minister.

Niedzielski also reported that the number of infected is growing rapidly: week by week the number increases by sixty percent. – Currently, the R index for the reproduction of the virus is 1.5. This is one of the highest levels since the beginning of the pandemic, he noted.

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Minister on the threshold of taking “restrictive steps”

Boss health department He said that there are currently about 450 patients in hospitals across the country. He noted, however, that the structure of patients is different than in the earlier stages of the fight against the coronavirus. – Many hospitalized patients are not in hospital because of their health condition. There are patients who are in less severe conditions, who take medication on an outpatient basis. We have far fewer people who are severely infected, ‘added the minister.

The best proof of this is – according to the minister – the fact that only 16 people are under a respirator.

Niedzielski also pointed out that as long as the number of hospitalized in the country does not exceed five thousand people, “no restrictive measures” will be introduced in Poland.

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