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Coronavirus in Poland. Wojciech Maksymowicz on the role of vaccination against COVID-19

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The role of vaccination against COVID-19 and the epidemic situation in the country was discussed in “Kropka nad i” by MP Wojciech Maksymowicz from the Polish 2050 parliamentary group. The politician, who is also a professor of medicine, said that “the dynamics of infections is much greater than a year ago”. “The greatest misfortune is that we only have 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated,” he said.

– I am very concerned and very disappointed because the dynamics of infections is much higher than a year ago. A year ago, on September 1, there were practically the same number of infected people – said Maksymowicz. It indicated that September 8 533 cases of coronavirus infection have been reportedbut exactly a year ago it was 400 infections. “This is already a dynamic upward bend,” he said.


Prof. Wojciech Maksymowicz assessed that “the greatest misfortune is that we only have 50 percent of the population fully vaccinated”. In this context, he pointed out that many elderly people have diseases that affect the course of COVID-19. – All those people who are unvaccinated when they get sick – and have a higher risk than last year – may not survive it – said Maksymowicz.

Anyone who died now could be saved. A year ago, this was not possible – he added.

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Maksymowicz: Anyone who died now could be saved. A year ago, this was not possibleTVN24

Maksymowicz: the COVID-19 vaccine has been proven extremely well

According to the politician, “there is no excuse for those who were against vaccines.” Referring to people who are concerned about possible complications after taking the dose, Maksymowicz assessed that “at the very beginning, a year ago, there may have been such doubts when vaccines were tested, when they began to be administered”.

He also indicated that about five and a half billion doses of the COVID-19 vaccine have been administered to date. – There has not been such a vaccine in the world so far, which would be administered to such a number of people, which is proven extremely well – he argued.

The TVN24 guest also said that the 50% level of vaccination of Poles is “mathematically good, but effectively every deceased will die unnecessarily”. – He could have been saved, prevented from happening, and it weighs down on conscience. He burdens every politician, especially because he decides and expresses himself, and others listen to him. Conscience will not really suffocate – said prof. Maksymowicz.

Until Wednesday, 36,561,654 doses of various COVID-19 vaccines were administered in Poland. The first dose was 19,427,000 vaccinations. 18,982,051 people are fully vaccinated – either with a single dose of Johnson & Johnson or with two doses of AstraZeneca, Moderna or Pfizer / BioNTech vaccines.

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