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Coronavirus in Poland, Wrocław. A five-day-old newborn was hospitalized and infected with coronavirus

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A newborn infected with coronavirus was brought to a hospital in Wrocław. The baby was born five days earlier. His parents also tested positive. Doctors are once again encouraging pregnant women to get vaccinated.

On the fifth day of life, the newborn was admitted to the neonatal ward at the Provincial Specialist Hospital. J. Gromkowski at ul. Koszarowa in Wrocław. The child’s parents were not vaccinated.


– The child had catarrhal symptoms, so his parents reported him to the emergency room. Since every patient is tested for coronavirus infection, the newborn was also tested. The test came out positive – says Marta Berghausen-Mazur, head of the neonatal department of the Provincial Specialist Hospital. J. Gromkowski in Wrocław.

The doctor adds that the child’s parents also had positive test results. After falling ill, her mother expressed a desire to be vaccinated. – I think that if she had the knowledge she has now, she would have instilled earlier – adds Berghausen-Mazur.

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Doctors’ appeal

Medics emphasize that vaccinated parents, as well as the immediate family and the entire environment around the child are the best protection for newborns.

– There is also such a bearing barrier between the mother and the child. It is a miracle organ that is only produced during the nine months of pregnancy. He has the feature that the anti-covid immune antibodies that the mother has, are passed through this barrier of hers and passed on to the baby. The baby is born and already has a certain dose of antibodies that protect him from infection. Amazing bonus. Each pregnant woman trembles and cares for her baby. I do not understand those who care and do not vaccinate – says prof. Mariusz Zimmer, head of the gynecology and obstetrics department and clinic of the University Teaching Hospital in Wrocław.

Dr. Aleksandra Kopczyńska from the hospital in Bolesławiec also confirms that cases of COVID-19 among children are becoming more frequent.

– These are purely infectious symptoms. Most often inflammation of the upper respiratory tract, exacerbation of inflammation of the lower respiratory tract, sometimes gastroenteritis, i.e. diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, non-specific fever symptoms – the child has a temperature, feels unwell, muscle pain, is weakened. Children tend to go through COVID-19 more gently, however, there are cases where it is difficult and requires hospitalization, says the doctor. And he emphasizes: – I would like to appeal to get vaccinated. Young adults, pregnant women, children over 12 years of age. This is the best way to prevent the spread of this disease. My children are vaccinated for everything.

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