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Coronavirus in Poland, Zalewo. Despite the quarantine, the five-year-old went with his brother on a tractor to the field. The police notified the Sanepid

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A five-year-old boy from the Zalewo commune (Warmińsko-Mazurskie), despite the quarantine imposed on him, went with his brother in a tractor to the field, where they performed the work they had been commissioned to do. The policemen notified the Sanepid about the case. There is also an application to the court to punish the parents who allowed their son to leave.

The police discovered that the five-year-old was not at home in the Zalewo commune during a quarantine inspection. – The parents said that they allowed him to drive a tractor to the field with his older brother to carry out the work with him – said the senior asp. Joanna Kwiatkowska from the County Police Headquarters in Iława.

She added that the officers informed the poviat sanitary inspectorate about the case, which initiated administrative proceedings.

– The police also prepared documentation for the court to punish the parents – said Kwiatkowska.

Quarantine reduced to seven days

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A press officer of the police in Iława recalled that the officers regularly check and collect information on whether the persons covered by the quarantine decision comply with these provisions. Every day they reveal cases of violations of the prohibitions and quarantine rules currently in force. At the same time, the police appeals to residents to comply with the introduced restrictions related to the epidemic COVID-19.


Quarantine is the isolation of a healthy person due to exposure to infection, e.g. after contact with a person suffering from COVID-19. During quarantine, you cannot leave your home, so it is forbidden to, for example, walk the dog or go to the store. In case of disturbing symptoms of the disease, contact a doctor.

From Tuesday, an ordinance is in force reducing the duration of quarantine from 10 to seven days for people at risk of infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus. According to it – for people who did not develop symptoms of COVID-19 disease and people who had contact with the source of the infection – quarantine will end after seven days. Persons who started quarantine before the entry into force of the regulation, do so on the previous terms.

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