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Coronavirus in Poland, Zielona Góra. The University Hospital suspends admitting patients. Which branches are not affected by this?

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First, the visits were suspended, now the scheduled admission of patients – this is the case at the University Hospital in Zielona Góra (Lubuskie Voivodeship). The reason: staff shortages related to the need to transfer staff to work in a temporary hospital, where patients with COVID-19 end up.

From November 10, the University Hospital in Zielona Góra has been suspending scheduled admissions for most of its wards until further notice. – This does not apply to the departments of: oncology and radiotherapy, the Rehabilitation Department with the Neurological Rehabilitation Sub-unit and all patients admitted as part of one-day hospitalization – said Sylwia Malcher-Nowak, spokeswoman for the facility.

The reason for this decision – as the representative of the hospital explains – is the lack of staff related to the necessity to transfer staff to work in a temporary hospital. Currently, 78 patients infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus are staying in the temporary hospital run by the clinic in Zielona Góra. 68 of them are in the observation and infectious diseases unit, and 10 in the ICU.


First, visits were stopped

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At the beginning of November, the hospital in Zielona Góra announced that it would suspend visits to all wards. The ban on entering the facility will remain in force until further notice. As the clinic explained at the time, the reason for this decision was the dynamically developing epidemiological situation related to the coronavirus and concern for the health safety of patients and staff. In exceptional situations, subject to the individual consent of the head or head of the ward, permission for visits may be granted to a limited extent.

Infections are increasing

The number of coronavirus infections is increasing day by day. – Unfortunately, I don’t have good news. Today we have definitely more. Is it 18,550 new cases of coronavirus infection – said Deputy Minister of Health Waldemar Kraska on Wednesday (November 9). – This is a week-to-week increase of 77 percent. We are seeing a very large increase. And 269 people lost the fight with covid. This number is the most sad for me because I know, as a doctor, that we could have avoided these deaths if we had had our vaccinations. Those who are vaccinated usually do not die, he emphasized.

According to the ministry’s data, over 84,000 tests were performed on Tuesday. – Many patients do not report for the test because they think it is a common cold or flu – said Kraska, adding that 578 people were hospitalized in the last 24 hours. In addition, the deputy minister of health indicated that in the case of the Delta mutation, severe symptoms appear much faster. – Delta is practically 100 percent at the moment – said Kraska and added: – The forecasts we have at the moment, in these dark scenarios are 40,000. daily coronavirus infections. When? In about 10 days.

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