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Coronavirus in Scotland. Another day with the highest number of infections

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Scotland has the highest rate of coronavirus infections for the fourth time in a week. Last day, 7113 of them were detected – announced on Sunday. The authorities there admitted that the health service is under severe pressure due to the number of infections.


The balance of newly detected infections is less than 300 higher than the previous Friday’s highest rate, but by almost 4,000 – that is more than two times – higher than the statistics for the previous Sunday. In this week, for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic, the number of detected infections in a day exceeded 5,000 (on Wednesday), then 6,000 (on Friday) and now 7,000. A rapidly growing number of infections is tying students back to school, because in Scotland – unlike England and Wales – the new school year has already started.

Increasing numbers of coronavirus infections in ScotlandShutterstock

Mostly younger people are sick

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About two-thirds of new infections are detected in people under the age of 40, according to Scottish authorities. As younger people mainly suffer, infections do not translate as much as in the previous wave into hospital admissions and deaths. Nevertheless, Humza Yousaf, the Scottish government’s health minister, admitted on Sunday that the public health service is under severe pressure. There are currently 507 patients in hospitals in Scotland due to COVID-19, 57 of them in intensive care units. 420,600 infections have been detected in Scotland since the start of the pandemic, resulting in the death of 8,111 people. Meanwhile, as reported on Sunday, nearly 33,200 infections were detected across the UK in the past 24 hours and 61 deaths due to COVID-19 were registered.

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