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Thursday, December 7, 2023

Coronavirus in Sweden. The number of infections with the Delta Coronavirus variant is increasing. Stockholm region marked as red

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Swedish health authorities have warned that the country has a steadily increasing number of new cases of coronavirus infections. “We have received reports of crowds in resorts in Sweden, including Gotland, but also at dance clubs in Stockholm,” said Anders Tegnell, the country’s chief epidemiologist, quoted in the press release.

In Sweden, the number of new COVID-19 cases is steadily increasing, and the coronavirus is no longer spreading at “low levels,” Swedish health authorities said on Friday. There were 3,451 cases of COVID-19 in the previous week. This is 30 percent more than in the previous period.


76 percent of those infected are young people under 40 years of age. In Sweden, vaccination of this group did not start until mid-June. In Sweden, two doses of the vaccine were taken by 53 percent. adult population, and one – 79 percent.

Lots of infections among people returning from vacation

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– Many cases concern people who fell ill in popular places in Europe. We also received reports of crowds in resorts in Sweden, including Gotland, but also in dance clubs in Stockholm, said Anders Tegnell, the country’s chief epidemiologist.

He called on Swedes to voluntarily undergo COVID-19 testing after returning home and to limit social contacts in the first week.

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The epidemic situation in Sweden

The disease rate per 100,000 inhabitants has risen to 59. The European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) has labeled Sweden “yellow” and the Stockholm region “red”.

Just last week, Sweden was a “green” country. Therefore, on Friday afternoon, the Norwegian authorities have restored the obligation for residents of many Swedish regions (including Stockholm, Skåne) to undergo quarantine after crossing the border on Monday.

The Delta Coronavirus variant dominates

Monitoring of the Swedish sanitary services indicates that the more contagious Delta variant of the coronavirus is dominant. Despite the increase in infections, the burden on health care remains relatively low.

111 people are hospitalized in covid wards, and 29 in intensive care.

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